Angola is an important country in Africa with improvements in the business environment

Angola is an important country in Africa with improvements in the business environment
Angola is an important country in Africa with improvements in the business environment

Africa-Press – Angola. The first secretary of the Chinese Embassy, ​​Xiong Wei, considers Angola an important country in Africa, as it has a stable political situation, an open market and continuous improvements in the business environment.

Xiong Wei, who was speaking, Saturday, at the headquarters of the Angola-China Business Chamber, on the occasion of the working visit of the Minister of State for Economic Coordination, José de Lima Massano, made a point of ensuring that China has always been optimistic about to Angola’s development prospects and confident in the future development of economic and commercial cooperation between the two countries.

China, according to the first secretary of the Asian giant’s Embassy, ​​is a pioneer in investments in Angola, having highlighted that, after the end of the civil war, “Chinese companies came to this land to trade, set up projects and build factories ”, highlighting the fact that their country has become the Angolans’ main partner in the process of national reconstruction and the country’s economic take-off in the post-war period.

“We will reinforce strategic synergies with Angola and will continue to support companies with potential and good reputation to carry out various forms of cooperation and investment in the country, particularly in the areas of Agriculture, Industry, Infrastructure and Human Resources Training”, added the diplomat.

Xiong Wei said that China expects the Angolan Government to provide guidance and indicate the necessary support, so that Chinese companies continue to invest in the country, stressing that he is aware that, “with the support of various ministerial departments and other institutions” , Chinese companies will benefit from a better business environment and “Angola will attract more and better Chinese investments”. For the first secretary of the Embassy in the country, China is an “important source of foreign investment in Angola”, highlighting, in particular, the 10 years since the launch of the “Belt and Road” initiative.

“China’s investment in Angola has seen a significant increase and according to data from the Private Investment and Export Promotion Agency (AIPEX), in February 2023 China ranked fourth in terms of amounts invested in the country”, revealed the diplomat.

Preliminary statistics, according to Xiong Wei, attest that, to date, the number of Chinese companies in Angola has already exceeded 400 units, with investments exceeding 24 billion dollars.

“Chinese investment has effectively promoted the economic diversification of Angola. In Agriculture, Chinese companies have invested in and managed several farms in Angola. The cultivation of sorghum for brewing beer and high-yield hybrid rice were successful and achieved a harvest abundant”, he assured.

Regarding the Industrial sector, the head of the Chinese diplomatic mission in the country highlighted the investments in the production of motorcycles, air conditioning units, as well as the manufacture of cleaning products for daily use, “deeply appreciated by Angolan consumers”.

“Factories producing aluminum alloy profiles, ceramic tiles and plasterboard were also created to help fill industrial gaps and promote the diversification of exports”, he stated, and then highlighted, in Commerce, the inauguration of centers commercials.

“Cars, household appliances and small products made in China distributed by Chinese companies provided the Angolan people with a more abundant selection of products and also promoted the optimization of the structure of economic and commercial cooperation between China and Angola”, highlighted the diplomat.

Xiong Wei highlighted, finally, the fact that Chinese investments in the digital economy have gained strong momentum in Angola, especially after the inauguration, in 2022, by President João Lourenço, in Luanda, of the Huawei Technology Park, with investment exceeding 80 million US dollars.

“Companies like Chinangol, Anxing and ZTE have invested in taxi service and payment platforms and cell phone assembly lines.

It can be said that Chinese investment created a large number of local jobs and tax revenues and effectively promoted the sustainable development of the Angolan economy”, maintained the diplomat.

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