Balumuka Festival distinguishes participants

Balumuka Festival distinguishes participants
Balumuka Festival distinguishes participants

Africa-Press – Angola. The ceremony for granting a certificate of participation to the participants of the first Balumuka-Baluarte da Música Angolana, an initiative of ONART and Jorge Mulumba, which took place from 7 to 11 April of this year, and the launch of the second edition of the event, took place Saturday, from 6 pm, at Palácio de Ferro, in Luanda.

The ceremony will be attended by guests and groups that for four days participated in the first edition of the festival. The ceremony will have as its first moment, the exhibition of a video portraying the various moments of the first edition of the festival, followed by the delivery of certificates to the participants and a flash drive with the biographical data and Balumuka files.

Afterwards, the 2nd edition of the Balumuka-Baluarte Festival of Angolan Music will be presented. The closing will take place with a musical moment to be animated by groups that performed at the festival, namely Nguami Maka, Kumby Ly Xia, MM Yetu, Nguza Ku Marimba, Ngana Munana, Lírios, Doi do Sueto, Dilangues de Ambaca, Jabakana, Jovens de Caculama , Mlabas do Lombe, Lubazu do Cuale, Tua Moneca, Kudimuena Kota, Grupo Vindjomba, Mizangala, Kamba dya Muenho, Família Chiclé and Brilhantes by Kiwaba Nzoje.

The Balumuka-Baluarte Festival of Angolan Music, an event dedicated to music with Angolan roots, aims at valuing the artists and instruments that mark this rhythmic current. The event is also extended to the holding of lectures and workshops on the construction and execution of instruments.

The festival is a tribute to journalist Amaro Fonseca, who became famous on Rádio Luanda, with the program Balumuka (wake up), a reference in the mornings and was responsible for the projection of many traditional music artists.

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