Cartographic update in conclusive phase in Moxico

Cartographic update in conclusive phase in Moxico
Cartographic update in conclusive phase in Moxico

Africa-Press – Angola. Around 80 percent of Moxico’s cartographic update is already in the conclusive phase, the process of which will define, this year, the areas to be selected in the population census taking place across the country.

According to the head of the Provincial Services of the National Statistics Institute (INE) in Moxico, José Januário Mateus, seven of the nine municipalities that make up the province have already completed the process, namely, Bundas, Camanongue, Cameia, Moxico (headquarters), Léua, Luacano and Luau.

For this week, he said that the updating process is scheduled to begin in the municipality of Alto Zambeze, the largest in the province, with 48 thousand 356 square kilometers, which is 519 kilometers from the city of Luena, the provincial capital.

The end of the process, he said, is scheduled for March, with the inclusion of the municipality of Luchazes, which is 356 kilometers from Luena.

The official praised the involvement of the traditional authorities, who have been collaborating in receiving and leading the teams in locating the communities.

Locally, the preparation of the General Population and Housing Census, scheduled for July, is being carried out by 42 cartographic agents, including seven drivers, aiming to update information on the number of inhabitants in the country, where and how they live,

With this information, it is expected to improve the planning and distribution of resources and services to the population.

The first population census in the country was carried out in 2014, at the time with a population of 24.3 million inhabitants.

At the time, the population in Moxico had 800 thousand inhabitants and a fertility rate of 6.2 children per woman.

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