Construction of Baynes Road will facilitate development of the region

Construction of Baynes Road will facilitate development of the region
Construction of Baynes Road will facilitate development of the region

Africa-Press – Angola. The vice-governor for the Technical and Infrastructure area of ​​Namibe, Ema da Silva, stated, in this city, that the construction of the road that goes from Moçâmedes to the future Baynes dam, in the municipality of Tômbwa, will facilitate the development of the economy circular route in the southern region, specifically Angola and Namibia.

Speaking on the sidelines of the four-day visit of the Minister of Public Works, Urbanism and Housing to Namibe, the vice-governor said that, in addition to facilitating commercial exchanges between the two countries, its conclusion will allow the development of tourism, having takes into account the various tourist potential that the region offers.

Ema da Silva said that this project will create a permanent connection with an economic corridor that generates development for the province of Namibe and others, such as Huila and Cunene.

“Our observation visit served to carry out a preliminary study on the route of the road, which goes from Moçâmedes to Baynes, and the type of work necessary to have a quality and safe road, which has a minimum impact on the management of the Yona park and, above all, that it serves the interests of our country, through this province, and facilitates, in commercial terms, the development we seek in this region”, he added.

To better coordinate the project, the ministerial delegation (Public Works, Environment, Energy and Water, as well as the government of Namibe) found a middle ground that does not harm the management of the Yona park, at the time when the aforementioned project will be developed. .

After technical and preliminary studies and all financial components and materials have been gathered, the work could begin in 2024.

The director of África Park, Pedro Monterosa, considered the project structural, as environmental issues must be taken into account, in order to protect fauna and flora.

He said that África Park, as the managing entity of the Yona National Park, praises the government’s initiative in building a road in this section and the fact that the Ministry of Public Works, Urban Planning and Housing takes environmental concerns into account.

“The construction of this road will make a huge contribution, as together we will first evaluate the different access sections, the critical areas of the park, the potential impacts of disturbances during the development of the project or in its exploration phase and, in the end, find solutions with other organizations”, he highlighted.

The Baynes road will be around 300 kilometers long until it reaches the hydroelectric dam with the same name, which will be built in 2024 and which will benefit both countries, Angola and Namibe, in terms of electricity distribution.

It should be noted that today, at the end of the visit to the province of Namibe, the Minister of Public Works, Urbanism and Housing, Carlos Alberto dos Santos, once again stated that the construction of this road is a challenge for his ministry, with work currently underway studies and projects so that, next year, we have all the necessary information and can begin the work, after having already gathered all the financial resources.

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