Governor of Zaire reiterates commitment to solving the population’s problems

Governor of Zaire reiterates commitment to solving the population's problems
Governor of Zaire reiterates commitment to solving the population's problems

Africa-Press – Angola. The governor of Zaire, Adriano Mendes de Carvalho, reiterated yesterday, in the municipality of Soyo, province of Zaire, his commitment to “doing everything” to solve the various social problems of the local populations.

Speaking at a meeting with members of the Soyo Municipal Council for Social Auscultation, held at the local administration, Adriano Mendes de Carvalho said he was aware that there is still a lot to be done, remembering that solving the various problems of the inhabitants will only be possible with the support of everyone, regardless of party colors.

“It doesn’t matter what party color. What matters is that we manage, or we may have the possibility of resolving the extremely delicate issues that afflict our municipality of Soyo, with greater emphasis on the province of Zaire. What will it be? What will the governor do? And of course the best miracle we want to have here for everyone is work”, he said.

The government official repudiated the idea that the municipality of Soyo should live only on oil, setting aside other potentialities in terms of the natural resources it has, such as arable land and the sea, which “if properly explored, generate social and economy, with the creation of new jobs”.

“We have to think differently. Soyo can be much more than what it is. Soyo has arable land and the sea. Soyo has everything to work out”, stressed Adriano Mendes de Carvalho, who is in charge of destinations from the province of Zaire a month ago.

Speaking at the meeting, the municipal administrator of Soyo, José Mendes Belo, presented to the governor several concerns in the various areas of social and economic life, with emphasis on the high unemployment rate registered in the region, aggravated by mass redundancies, such as consequence of the crisis in the oil market.

He also spoke of the absence of asphalt mats on many roads in the interior of the city, as well as the poor condition of the access roads to the communes, a situation that has hampered trade and deprived basic services.

The lack of housing projects that can meet the needs of the local population, the high levels of crime, with greater emphasis on crimes against property and persons, the vandalization of public assets, the lack of full operation of the Registry Services, as well as as the electrification of the communes are also part of the range of concerns presented by the administrator of Soyo.

“As far as electricity is concerned, I recall that many neighborhoods and villages close to the municipal seat of Soyo do not yet benefit from it, since there is a need to extend the medium and low voltage networks”, said José Mendes Belo.

He informed that the current Soyo Municipal Hospital, despite being benefiting from restoration and expansion works, no longer meets the needs of a population, which has grown dramatically in recent years.

In response to the concerns raised, particularly those related to unemployment, delinquency and housing, Adriano Mendes de Carvalho made no promises, but indicated some paths that should be followed to solve the problems in question.

Regarding unemployment, the governor defended the need to strengthen the local business fabric, through bank financing, in order to allow the creation of new jobs.

With regard to housing, he asked the population to calm down, as the project to build the Centralidade do Soyo, whose announcement was made by the President of the Republic, during his visit to the province, must comply with certain procedures, such as the need to include the funds in the General State Budget (OGE) for the next financial year.

Regarding crime, the official said that he would discuss the matter with the local officials of the Defense and Security bodies, so that together they could define strategies that could allow the current situation to be reversed.

MPLA recognizes efforts by militants
Adolfo Mundombe | Mungo

The MPLA’s first secretary in Huambo carried out a field trip, in the 11 municipalities of the province, and recognized the effort implemented by the party’s militants, before and during the electoral period, which she consecrated as the winner on 24 August.

Lotti Nolika and the delegation, which toured the municipalities, considered the results to be positive and conveyed the joy of the results of the victory in the August General Elections, the result of the work, commitment, dedication of the militants who gave their best walking from house to house, neighborhood to neighborhood, shoulder to shoulder, word of mouth to hunt for votes.

“Today, the areas that in the past were considered a bastion of the opposition are in our hands, they are won by the MPLA. This was possible because the comrades understood that it was necessary to reverse the situation”, he considered.

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