Governor of Zaire wants speedy work in the Mangais Zone

Governor of Zaire wants speedy work in the Mangais Zone
Governor of Zaire wants speedy work in the Mangais Zone

Africa-Press – Angola. The governor of the province of Zaire, Adriano Mendes de Carvalho, asked, on Friday, the company in charge of the rehabilitation of Zona dos Mangais, on Estrada Nacional 100 (EN-100), between the municipalities of Nzeto and Soyo, to act more quickly of works to facilitate the movement of people and goods.

Adriano Mendes de Carvalho made this appeal at the end of a field trip, which aimed to verify the progress of road works in the municipalities of Soyo, Nzeto and Tomboco, with emphasis on the approximately 600 meters of the Zona dos Mangais subsection, where it was The bridge was built over the mouth of the River Mbridge.

Resuming in June this year, eleven years later, the work to complete this road infrastructure is scheduled for 2025.

Since 2012, the aforementioned subsection has created constraints on the movement of people and goods on the EN-100, which connects Nzeto to the oil-producing municipality of Soyo, due to the stoppage of work on the bridge over the mouth of the Mbridge river.

Meanwhile, the project director of the company Mota-Engil, Olavo Polo, explained that, currently, the work consists of the construction of four hydraulic passages in the so-called Zona dos Mangais, which is two kilometers from the fishing village of Nzeto.

“Only after this civil engineering work, filling and monitoring of the soil, will it be possible to apply the asphalt mat”, he explained, having estimated the degree of physical execution of the project at around 60 percent.

He informed that in addition to the work on the bridge over the mouth of the Mbridge river, the contract also reserves the rehabilitation of 27 kilometers of the road section between the towns of Casa da Telha and Mukula, in the municipality of Tomboco.

It also includes the asphalting of around 1 km of roads in the Kindombele and Kami neighborhoods, in the city of Soyo.

Future centrality of Soyo

The Zaire governor’s field trip extended to the Cavalos area, in the Sumba commune, where the future central city of Soyo is planned to be built, with 1,500 apartments.

The site will begin to be demined in the next few days, an undertaking that will be preceded by a meeting between the Provincial Government of Zaire and the Executive Commission for Demining of the Angolan Armed Forces (FAA), scheduled for October 3rd this year .

On the occasion, the governor said that the meeting with demining experts could determine the period for starting work on this housing project in the municipality.

“Only after the site has been certified by FAA experts will the date for the start of works at the center be announced”, he stated.

At the end of his journey, Adriano Mendes de Carvalho was satisfied with the progress of urban road works in the municipal districts of Mbanza Kongo, Nzeto, Soyo and Tomboco, despite a slight delay in the installation of public lighting posts.

The province of Zaire was awarded two centralities, to be built in the municipalities of Mbanza Kongo and Soyo, with 1,500 apartments each.

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