INEFOP in Bié trains over a thousand young people in 2022

INEFOP in Bié trains over a thousand young people in 2022
INEFOP in Bié trains over a thousand young people in 2022

Africa-Press – Angola. 1,170 young people were trained in various specialties, in 2022, in Bié province, by the National Institute of Employment and Vocational Training (INEFOP), against around 1,000 in the same previous period.

The information was provided in the city of Cuito, by the head of the local Inefop, Filipe Evaristo Paquisi.

Of the total graduates, 298 are women.

The province of Bié has five arts and crafts centres, with 16 specialties, such as carpentry, joinery, masonry, cutting and sewing, low voltage electricity, auto mechanics, pastry, cooking, decoration, satellite dish assembly, optics computing of the user and others.

In order to meet the needs of graduates, in 2022, 1,270 young people received professional kits in the nine municipalities of Bié province.

He made it known that in this period close to 900 young people entered the job market, with emphasis on the sectors of civil construction, hotels and tourism, commerce.

For the source, it is important that the provincial government continues to empower the local business class, to make an effective contribution to creating more jobs for young people, especially those trained by INEFOP.

In 2023, this institution will continue to work with the municipal administrations, to obtain more support, to sensitize private employers to give more opportunities to trained young people and, above all, to encourage young people to adhere to its services.

Cuito will gain another professional training center

The province of Bié, specifically the city of Cuito, will gain in March 2023 a new integrated vocational training centre, with the capacity to accommodate 2,400 young people in three shifts a day.

The new training unit plans to train young people in home adornment, hairdressing, IT, aesthetics and other courses that already exist in the region.

The infrastructure, built in the centrality of Cuito, has already been completed and equipped, waiting only for its inauguration. It was built under the Action Plan for the Promotion of Employability (PAPE).

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