Literacy project on local authorities arrives at Cuando Cubango

Literacy project on local authorities arrives at Cuando Cubango
Literacy project on local authorities arrives at Cuando Cubango

Africa-Press – Angola. After the provinces of Namibe, Huíla, Cunene, Lunda Norte, Lunda Sul and Moxico, the project called “Getting to know local authorities to build bridges of local power” arrived, this Thursday, in the province of Cuando Cubango.

This is an initiative project by the Non-Governmental Organization Agricultural Beneficence Mission of Kubango, Inclusion, Technology and Environment (MBAKITA), which aims to contribute to expanding the culture of citizen participation in the most varied issues of common interest in local communities.

Speaking at the end of the lecture on the theme: “Local Authorities and the development of municipalities”, the president of the MBAKITA Board of Directors, Pascoal Baptistiny Samba, said that the session allowed reflection on the terms of reference for implementation of local authorities and their importance in the development of municipalities.

He stated that political parties with parliamentary seats, churches, associations and Non-Governmental Organizations, totaling 47 people, received a set of guidelines for peaceful and harmonious relationships between all social actors, regardless of party color or any other distinctive feature.

“The topic about local authorities is new and generates some controversy as it is the first time it can be held in our country. It is necessary to educate and inform the population, but also to interact in a peaceful and harmonious way, so that people have a more active culture of citizenship”, he highlighted.

He said that the approach to municipalities in the other provinces was developed only in the capital cities, but in Cuando Cubango, in addition to the capital city, Menongue, the project safeguards the coverage, in the coming days, of the municipalities of Cuito Cuanavale, Cuangar, Calai, Dirico, in the exercise of literacy on local power.

He added that the project began on September 1, 2023 and could continue until August 31 of this year, explaining that, to support expenses, it has the financial support of the Democracy Works Foundation, while institutional support comes from Territorial Administration and the National Electoral Commission.

He said that he will negotiate with the project’s financier and also with MAT, with a view to extending the project, given people’s interest in knowing more about local authorities and the need to translate the booklet on local elections into local languages.

For this reason, he explained, his organization has been distributing the municipal package which sets out the laws on fees and also the status of those who can be elected, in addition to the dynamics of the speakers in clarifying the terms of reference to the last citizen. of local authorities.

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