Multimedia space in Cazenga creates job opportunities

Multimedia space in Cazenga creates job opportunities
Multimedia space in Cazenga creates job opportunities

Africa-Press – Angola. The municipality of Cazenga has, since yesterday, a multimedia space, aimed at young people, so that they can develop their skills and be prepared for the job market.

The initiative is from the ministries of Public Administration, Labor and Social Security and Education, in partnership with UNICEF, UNDP, INAPEM and the Norwegian Embassy.

According to the Secretary of State for Labor and Social Security, the project will benefit around 4,000 young people, in a first phase, and contribute to the innovative learning of the recipients, through the Digital Youth Program.

Pedro Filipe said that it is intended that young people, with the learning process, propose solutions to the problems they face and later compete for job opportunities.

Digital entrepreneurship, he said, is the solution to several problems that society is currently facing, because it gives young people opportunities to establish themselves in the job market, through the learning process.

He stressed that young people are called upon to actively participate in solving local problems.

To participate in the project, young people can access the Goodwall app, available on Playsore and Apple Store.

Global Initiative

According to the project’s lines, the space serves as a window for a global initiative of Digital Youth and will allow them to acquire relevant skills and knowledge on various topics.

The Multimedia Space is part of the pilot project to strengthen young people’s skills.

In the space, digital resources will be made available, with internet connection, 35 tablets and a video projector. Four classes will be available, which will welcome those interested in increasing their knowledge, every two hours.

The Digital Youth initiative consists of a practical learning process in which young people registered on the Goodwall platform have access to a set of tools, which aim to increase knowledge and skills, in different thematic areas, such as climate change, employability, mental health, empowerment of young women and safe internet browsing.

The project is open to all interested young people, just having access to the Internet, registering and following the guidelines of the platform, which brings together young people from all over the world.

Young people who participate in the initiative through the Multimedia Space or through their mobile phones will be able to compete for prizes such as tablets, computers and mobile phones, in addition to increasing their skills in various areas and being connected.

Partners are Optimistic

The Secretary of State for Education for Secondary Education, Gildo Matias, considered it to be the right initiative for the future of young people.

The Minister Counselor of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Norway, Mereth Luís, said that her country is proud of the project, which aims to promote innovative actions against unemployment in Angola.

The UNICEF representative in Angola, Ivan Yerovi, said that the project integrates skills and competences for life and work in the 21st century, in the different education and learning systems.

Ivan Yerovi believes that the opportunity will allow young people to face challenges that make them more productive, fit and well prepared for society. The representative refers that the UNICEF report, released two years ago, points out that 759 million or 63 percent of young people between 15 and 24 years old were without access to the Internet.

It considers that this exclusion creates inequalities between countries, communities and cultures. “It is for this reason that UNICEF joined the project”.

He announced that all young people with access to the Internet and devices in Angola can participate in the project, from home.

Young people embrace opportunity

Nazaré Vidal is 39 years old. He lives in Morro Bento. He joined the project through an aunt, who spoke about the initiative, because she was already inclined to work with technological platforms.

The young woman believes that it is never too much to learn, so she embraced the project. She added that she intends to create new ideas and share experiences.

Nazaré is very inclined to social matters, regarding situations that help to develop society’s problems.

He considers the Government’s initiative commendable and is grateful for the opportunity. “It is projects like these that should be implemented in schools, so that everyone has the opportunity to develop their skills”.

Anacleta Vida, 16 years old, resident in the municipality of Cazenga, says that she was alerted by her mother to be part of the project. The girl said that she wanted to try her luck and try to learn more. She is more inclined towards environmental projects and wants to develop her skills.

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