PGR bets on the Single Process Number Management System

PGR bets on the Single Process Number Management System
PGR bets on the Single Process Number Management System

Africa-Press – Angola. The Attorney General’s Office in Bengo province will continue, in 2023, to invest in the Single Case Number Management System (SIGNUP), in order to eradicate registration in physical books.

According to the sub-prosecutor general of the Republic in Bengo, Carla Patrícia Correia, who was taking stock of the activities carried out in 2022, the use of this innovative system allowed the PGR in Bengo to register 2,898 different processes in SIGNUP.

SIGNUP, he explained, is a database that allows the registration of all cases at a national level, generating a unique number that is not repeated, allowing the user to enter the defendant’s personal data according to the Identity Card, photograph, data from the process, coercive measures applied, typicality, dates of detention, interrogation and release.

The program allows data on the participant and victim to be entered, as well as all parts of the file in PDF format on an infinite number of pages, allowing analysis, consultation and/or reconstitution of the same in case of loss.

During 2022, the province registered 207 cases of aggravated theft, 186 cases of theft, 131 cases of aggravated robbery, 118 serious offenses against physical integrity and 79 cases of simple offenses against physical integrity.

The Public Ministry in Bengo sent 1,758 cases to the SIC, 95 to the SME and 373 to the Court of the District of Dande.

As for juvenile justice, the PGR recorded 33 cases involving minors, three of sexual abuse, two of homicide, four of drug use, 16 of offenses to physical integrity, 13 of theft and three cases of protection of minors.

In 2022, 17 Justice technicians entered the Public Prosecutor’s Office through public tenders.

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