Tomato processing plant guarantees 2,500 jobs for young people

Tomato processing plant guarantees 2,500 jobs for young people
Tomato processing plant guarantees 2,500 jobs for young people

Africa-Press – Angola. A total of 2,500 jobs will be created, starting in July this year, in the province of Bengo, when the tomato and banana processing factory starts operating, the president of the National Youth Council said on Saturday in Caxito. (CNJ).

Isaías Calunga was speaking to the press after the signing of a memorandum between the National Youth Council and Grupo Edson Drovs LDA, owner of the factory, within the scope of the implementation of the Youth Program to Support National Production (PROJAPRON).

According to the president of the CNJ, in addition to 2,500 jobs, the factory will serve as a source of support for young members of cooperatives and individual entrepreneurs across the country, providing financial credits for the implementation of agricultural and aquaculture projects. The chairman of the Board of Directors of Grupo Edson Drovs LDA said that he is aware of the responsibility that the company will have with Angolan youth, within the scope of PROJAPRON.

Edson Carvalho said that the factory to be inaugurated in July this year, in the irrigated perimeter of Caxito, in the provincial headquarters of Bengo, in an area of ​​1.5 hectares, will have the capacity to process five tons of tomatoes per hour and around 750 tons of banana.

For the governor of Bengo, Mara Quiosa, who witnessed the signing of the memorandum, “the start-up of the factory will be a great gain for the province, in terms of employment and the transformation of products, such as tomatoes and bananas, produced in Bengo ”.

Since the launch of PROJAPRON, at the national level, around 26 thousand jobs have already been created and, after the start-up of the tomato and banana processing plant, the number rises to 28,500 jobs.

First School Management Manual Released

The Bengo Provincial Education Office launched, on Friday, in Caxito, the 1st edition of the Manual of Assistance to School Management, a tool that will support teachers and managers of schools in the province. The launch of the book is the result of an orientation taken from the National Conference on Education, held recently in the province, which was attended by 60 school managers.

The Minister of Education, Luísa Grilo, who witnessed the launch, underlined that the work is a great support for school managers and especially for teachers. “Without a good manager, the school cannot produce the results it intends to . We need leaders who make things happen and this book is a fundamental tool for good school management”, said the Minister of Education.

The Secretary of State for Secondary Education, Gildo Matias José, who presented the 1st edition of the Manual of Assistance to School Management, said that the work brings several indicators of reflection on the importance of school management. “In the last 20 years, the number of school dropouts has grown significantly, so the author questions the importance of school in people’s lives”, he said.

The book, edited by “Ma-yamba Editora”, has a preface by governor Mara Quiosa, who, during the presentation of the work, said that the initiative is a victory for all teachers and school managers in the province.

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