AASHS appreciates UB gesture

AASHS appreciates UB gesture
AASHS appreciates UB gesture

Africa-Press – Botswana. The Chairperson of the Alumni Association of Swaneng Hill School (AASHS), Eutlwetse Chimidza, has expressed appreciation for the University of Botswana’s commemoration of the five youths who died in a road accident in Serowe in 1976 while participating in Swaneng Hill School’s fundraising effort organized in support of the Botswana University Campus Appeal (BUCA).

In a statement released after the ceremony in Serowe earlier this week, Chimidza said he and the rest of the AASHS membership were grateful to UB for hosting the commemoration of the five martyrs who died on their way to the Lady Khama Centre, the venue of the fundraising activity.

The five heroes comprised a Swaneng Hill School driver Fantisi Gaothobogwe and four young ladies: Maitumelo Kgari, Elizabeth Masake, Magadalene Khumalo and Sarah Mathware. Chimidza added that the contribution made by these five heroes from Swaneng shall forever be linked to Botswana’s educational legacy.

Chimidza further commended UB’s decision to adopt Swaneng Hill School, which was announced by Vice Chancellor Prof David Norris at the event. Swaneng was founded by Patrick van Ransburg, who championed the ideals of education with production (EWP) in Botswana, regionally and internationally, and whose efforts resulted in the proliferation of the of the brigades and cooperative movements in Botswana throughout the sixties and eighties.

The association aligns itself with EWP through collaboration with like-minded institutions. Membership is open to all Swaneng Hill School alumni.

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