Bakgatla updated on development projects

Bakgatla updated on development projects
Bakgatla updated on development projects

Africa-Press – Botswana. Bakgatla tribesmen and women gathered at Mochudi’s main kgotla last Friday to hear updates from their traditional leaders on the Kgatleng District Council’s latest developments.One of the issues discussed was the postponed official opening of the shelter (leobo), which was rescheduled for early next year due to some unfinished work on the project.

Kgosi Bana Sekai explained that the leobo was supposed to be opened this month, but there were some delays in the construction.

He also mentioned the committees that were in charge of the logistics for the event, such as food and drinks, event management, and communications.Kgosi Sekai said he expected some dignitaries from neighboring countries to attend the event.

Council chairperson Moloko gave an update on an ongoing investigation into the ownership of some government institutions, including a primary school, that were allegedly transferred from the tribe to the district council without proper documentation.He urged anyone who had information or records about the ownership transfer to come forward and share them.

The assembly also expressed concern over the rising drug abuse in the district, which had led to five young people being admitted to Sbrana Psychiatric Hospital for mental evaluation due to suspected drug influence.“Last week, a young man was taken to Lobatse mental hospital, making it the fifth case in that week,” Kgosi Sekai added.

A representative from Botswana Police reported a surge in stock theft, especially targeting calves and pregnant cattle. The thieves had also been erecting temporary structures in the bush.Police warned the public that these criminals were likely to be armed and advised them to be careful when encountering suspicious people.

They said that the anti-stock theft operation, ‘Kgomo-khumo,’ had started to yield positive results.

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