BERA consults on LPG regulations

BERA consults on LPG regulations
BERA consults on LPG regulations

Africa-Press – Botswana. Botswana Energy Regulatory Authority (BERA) newly approved Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Regulations have been approved and will come into effect September 1.

Briefing a consultative Kgotla meeting in Ramotswa June 7, BERA Petroleum and Gas Commercial manager Mr Batsumi Rankokwane said following concerns from the public about the cooking gas sector, BERA embarked on a public awareness campaign to sensitize the public about the newly approved regulations.

He also noted that the local cooking gas market had been unregulated prior to establishment of BERA.

Mr Rankokwane said BERA considered it necessary to undertake consultative forums as a base for informing decisions on the proper regulation of the sub-sector. He explained licensing procedures and the types of licenses that the energy regulatory authority issued such as wholesale business, cylinder transportation and retail business among others.

Mr Rankokwane also explained the licensing requirements and the technical and financial requirements to be met by applicants.

He said BERA might issue a license with specific conditions to be fulfilled within a period determined by the authority.

Mr Rankokwane clarified the issuance of license upon consideration of the application, stating that the authority might also reject or refer back an application including the reasons for such a decision. He said applicants might also want to renew their licenses and BERA might grant or deny considering the applicant’s compliance to the Act and the terms and conditions of the license due to expire. He said the regulations also carried penalties respectively.

For his part, BERA Engineering manager Mr Gift Bakumbi said the regulations were important as a way of curbing unfair business practices. He urged those engaged in the LPG business sector to abide by set rules and principles.

Furthermore, he explained the gas refilling and purchasing processes. In their contributions, the public decried poor monitoring of regulations in general.

They said LPG was a basic need and urged BERA to guard against strict legislation which might close down many retailers.

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