BFA takes back BFL’s powers

BFA takes back BFL's powers
BFA takes back BFL's powers

Africa-Press – Botswana. The Botswana Football Association has taken back the independence it had granted the Botswana Football League (BFL) last year.

In a press statement this morning, the BFA said following comprehensive evaluation by a task force, the association had decided to ‘take back the regulatory and administrative power’ that it had delegated to the BFL.

“The decision has been taken to allow for a proper transitional process to take place and to equip the BFL with the necessary tools and strengthen its governance and administrative capacity in transitioning autonomy back to the BFL regulatory,” the statement reads. “To that end, the transitional process shall be in the form of a four phase approach which will be implemented through a structured and multi-phased process to transition and ensure the return of well grounded autonomy to the BFL,” the BFA further said. The decision to withdraw BFL’s autonomy was taken during BFA national executive committee meeting on Friday. The BFA will now run both the Premier League and First Division competitions during the 2024-2025 season, as part of the transition process, before autonomy could be transferred back to the BFL.

“This resolution is adopted in the best interest of Botswana football, aiming to enhance the regulatory framework and administrative oversight to foster growth and development in our football, and moreover, ensure that the Premier League teams and leagues assume full professionalism and commercialisation,” the BFA said. It has not been smooth sailing in the transfer of power from the BFA to BFL, with a leadership crisis ensuring.

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