Boxing Tackles Gender Based Violence

Boxing Tackles Gender Based Violence
Boxing Tackles Gender Based Violence

Africa-PressBotswana. As the 16 Days of Activism against Gender Based Violence (GBV) came to an end last week Thursday (December 10), Bond Boxing Promotions and The Feel Good Fight saw it feet to organise an exhibition match between Losika Seboni and Robin Chivazwe.

The campaign is meant to challenge violence against women and girls.

On Friday evening, boxing lovers gathered at Botswana Craft to witness history as Luzboy and Robbie Rob stepped in to the ring. The much-anticipated bout was set for four rounds. However, it ended in the second round after Luzboy retired from the ring.

Bond Ngubula from Bond Promotions told Sport Monitor that he was impressed about how the evening went. He said the aim was to raise awareness about Gender Based Violence (GBV). “We also had plans to have two professional bouts but they were cancelled because two of the boxers tested positive to COVID-19. Hence we went ahead with the two amateur bouts and the exhibition bout,” he said.

Seboni said people were asking why they had to fight violence with violence but he had to explain that it was just an exhibition bout.

“It is very difficult being in the ring, a game of technique and boxing is a dangerous sport hence we had all the protection. It was not a professional match but still it was difficult thing to achieve. I had to lose a lot of weight and I feel good about it,” he said.

Seboni said women must be left alone, adding that especially for Molepolole men where there are high incidents of GBV but there are a few good men in the community. He said the society is under strain especially with the outbreak of

the COVID-19 pandemic. He said the little that men could do in their surroundings is to love their women and children.

For his part, Robbie Rob said they decided to get serious and use their influence of comedy sand humour to talk to Batswana and the rest of the world how worried they are.

“My message is simple, she is your queen, someone’s mother, someone’s daughter and they are innocent. As men we are supposed to play that role of protection and be the leader. There is no woman in her right mind who is afraid of as leader. Do not be threatened by your woman or her opinion. Even myself I listen to my wife when she talks because I respect her. Show the women respect and the rest is easy,” he said. Meanwhile, George Molwantwa of BMC boxing club scrapped a win from Kago Raokgwathile of 125. Molwantwa had to come from behind to clinch the win after a terrible first round. Molwantwa who is part of the national team that is currently on camp preparing for Olympics qualifiers said he came into match to try out some techniques.

“I was rusty because I have stayed for a long time without competition. So it was a tough battle but I had to dig deep in order to win,”he said. For his part, Raokgwathile said had a good match but lost because Molwantwa was more experienced.


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