Excitement Mounts Ahead Of Maun Carnival

Excitement Mounts Ahead Of Maun Carnival
Excitement Mounts Ahead Of Maun Carnival

Africa-Press – Botswana. Excitement is building in the tourist town as the first ever Maun Carnival draws closer.

Local youth in particular are bursting with anticipation at the prospect of being part of the colourful event, which begins on Thursday 29 September with a street parade, cultural show and a poetry night.

A music festival will keep the fun flowing on Independence Day, with proceedings coming to a climax on Sunday with a boat cruise.

FRANCINAH BAAITSE took to the streets to get a taste of the mood…

I am excited about it because this means culture promotion.

The young generation generally want to know about our culture and events like this offer such an opportunity.

It comes at a right time because during Independence is when we look back as a country to appreciate where we come from, where we are and where we are going as a nation.

Independence holidays used to be full of fun; we would go out dressed in our best outfits to watch traditional choir competitions, the royal family putting on their chieftaincy attires.

It was all fun with scout parades, drama and traditional foods on offer.

Maun Carnival is taking us back to those days and I just can’t wait to join the parade. Again I believe young people will be given the chance to showcase our very vibrant Ngamiland culture.

To tell the truth, it is exciting because we are going to enjoy cultural activities which will be showcased that day.

For a long time Independence holidays have been boring so Maun Carnival is giving us something to look forward to because that is where we are going to gain skills.

My hope is that upcoming artists will be given chance and platform to perform so that the world will see them.

As you know, Maun is a tourism destination so as we showcase our talent we may be lucky to be spotted by producers who may help us develop our talent.

I am a photographer and for me this means an opportunity to make a few quick bucks and there is no way I cannot be excited about this.

I have not heard much about it, but from what you have told me, I expect to gain and learn from it.

I like interacting with new people and because this will definitely bring a crowd to Maun I surely will enjoy the Independence holidays.

I always carry my camera around because I know people always treasure moments like those and want to freeze good memories on camera; so yes I will surely be part of the festivities.

I only heard about Maun Carnival on Facebook but I don’t know much about what will be happening on that day, except that I won’t miss an opportunity to take my children out for family fun day.

Initially I had planned to take them swimming, but because of the parades and excitement ahead of Independence I have changed my plans.

Information about Maun Carnival is not really out there but we would like to attend the activities.

I heard tickets are on sale and I hope they are not too upsetting to our pockets because life is tough these days!

But I do like cultural activities, I just enjoy traditional meals so whenever I have the chance to see and sample other cultures I get excited.

This is a good initiative which will also help us small businesses to make profits during the holidays.

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