Sports Minister calls for professionalism in football

Sports Minister calls for professionalism in football
Sports Minister calls for professionalism in football

Africa-Press – Botswana. The Minister of Sports, Tumiso “Chillyboy” Rakgare has called for integrity in football asking leaders to be professional.

He implored football leaders, at a recent press briefing, to conduct themselves better and brand the game in a better way ahead of the coming Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) bid to host the 2027 continental event.

Botswana and Namibia hope to stage a joint bid to host the coveted continental football event.

“We have to collectively support the bid and jealously campaign for Botswana to win the bid to host the 2027 AFCON. Our conduct in running the game has to change and do better,” he advised.

He noted that the Botswana Football Association (BFA) leadership is often at loggerheads and dominates sport pages for wrong reasons.

“Among people there are always misunderstandings which have to be managed,” he said.

He observed that recently there have been embarrassing scenes at the BFA like the issue of improperly registered players and suspensions that are unnecessary and tarnish the game of football.

“We need to start doing things orderly and properly so that our bid can succeed,” he advised the BFA.

Rakgare called on the media to support the bid and protect the image of the country and that of football so that it will be easier for the country to win it.

“Botswana has good stories that need to be told to Africa and the rest of the world. I beg you to do that and support the bid.

He observed that the media can play a critical role in informing the people of what Botswana offers.

“There is peace and tranquility in Botswana. That has to be amplified to the greater audience for them to appreciate that coming to Botswana is not a risk but a destination to enjoy and be happy,” Rakgare advised the media.

Rakgare also observed that countries which bid to host major events often have their media supporting their bid as prospective host countries.

He encouraged the local media to be united, supportive and promote Botswana.

Rakgare observed that hosting the AFCON 2027 will benefit the country in many ways. “Infrastructure is going to improve. Hotels, the transport sector and other businesses stand to benefit from hosting,” he said. On the status of the stadia to host the 60% of the AFCON matches, the minister assured that there is progress in refurbishing the stadia to meet the CAF standards. Namibia is to host 40% of the matches according to the joint bid proposal.

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