Susan Mutami; Ed’s Menace

Susan Mutami; Ed’s Menace
Susan Mutami; Ed’s Menace

Africa-Press – Botswana. President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s political career is hanging by a thread.

If the precedent that was set last year when vice president Kembo Mohadi was forced to resign because of his sex escapades, then Mnangagwa should also start clearing his office.

And even if he decides to turn a blind eye to these allegations, his reputation has been badly damaged and this will no doubt have far reaching consequences on his long political career.

A sex pest, a rapist, a murderer and a wizard is what we have for a President.

This is according to controversial Susan Mutami who since last week has been saying damning things about President Mngangagwa.

Mutami, who is based in Australia, has since filed rape charges against Mnangagwa in that country.

The 33-year-old Mutami attracted more than 10 000 listeners on Twitter space on Friday as she vented on for hours, accusing Mngangawa of raping her at the age of 15.

She also accused other top Zanu PF and government officials of sexually violating her and a host of other young women over the years.

On Monday the unrelenting Mutami, claimed that apart from President Mnangagwa raping young women, witchcraft was the order of the day in Mnangagwa’s house.

“…human parts are harvested from those that they would have murdered… are being led by vampires and rapists,” she tweeted.

As of Tuesday, there had not been any official response from the President about these allegations.

Only ruling party activists have been on an overdrive to discredit Mutami, claiming she is a professional prostitute with mental health issues.

They even alleged that she had been paid US$350 000 by the opposition to malign the President.

However many people have chosen to believe her and that she is acting in her own will as she has had enough of these predators.

In a few rallies before the coup in 2017, former first lady Grace Mugabe used to threaten to speak out against a big fish who had a roving eye for young women.

At some point she fell short of mentioning the President by name who was then the vice president.

So while they may claim that Mutami is an attention seeking lunatic, the fact remains that there is some truth in her story.

No one can wake up and make up such stories about such a powerful man.

In any case she has pictures of her and her children in the President’s office to prove the personal relationship that she had with Mnangagwa.

It therefore remains to be seen how this scandal will end though chances are high that it will end in tears for some men.

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