Task team appointed to probe BNF election ‘rigging’

Task team appointed to probe BNF election ‘rigging’
Task team appointed to probe BNF election ‘rigging’

Africa-Press – Botswana. The Botswana National Front’s (BNF) Central Committee (CC) has appointed a delegation of five members to investigate issues of alleged election “rigging” amongst others that led to the postponement of its youth league which was to be held over the weekend in Letlhakeng.

Its national chairperson, Abigail Mogalakwe, leads the delegation. A letter written by interim youth president, Kago Mokotedi, noted it was common knowledge that the CC has instituted an investigation whose outcome might affect the good standing of the congress.

“There are also some complaints which we are currently looking into. The current youth league aims to deliver a seamless congress whose outcomes will reflect the wishes of the youth. The congress will now be held at a later date to be announced in due course,” the letter states.

For his part, BNF spokesperson, Justin Hunyepa said investigations were ongoing and so far there is no action taken against anyone.

“The investigations will probably reveal the number of people involved in areas of investigation. It is supposed to take the shortest time possible, as preparations for congresses are ongoing. All elections are controversial whether it is youth league, women’s league or central committee,” Hunyepa said.

“Political power is controversial and this is not exclusive to organisations only. It always happens in trade unions, churches, academic institutions, and corporate boards amongst others. And it is not indiscipline although some few may slide on the wrong side of the law.”

This came after a campaign team for Baatlhodi Molatlhegi made a formal complaint to the party office and also wrote a petition in which they accused some members of trying to interfere with voters roll while it has been announced that registering for youth delegates was no longer allowed.

The members then locked some of the members in the office.

According to the complaints, some members of the youth league who are aspiring for some positions in the youth league wanted to register the delegates when in fact the names of delegates for the congress were no longer allowed for registration.

The complainant demanded that the congress be postponed and the matter be investigated and also requested that CC should engage an independent body that will conduct elections, as they no longer trust the electoral board.

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