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Africa-PressBotswana. The 51-year-old man of Rungwana ward in Thamaga killed himself after stabbing and wounding his alleged ex-girlfriend multiple times with a sharp object in an attempted murder.

Confirming the incident, Thamaga police station commander, Superintendent Moses Kwarare said the 47-year-old woman of Mashadi ward in Thamaga escaped death after she was stabbed with a sharp object all over her body.

He stated that the incident occurred on Tuesday early morning and the victim was rushed to Thamaga primary hospital in a serious condition and was later referred to Princess Marina Hospital where she is currently recuperating.

Furthermore, Kwarare revealed that then, the suspect fled the scene and they were later informed by a passerby of a human body that was hanging from a tree near Rungwana graveyard.

“Police rushed to the scene and the deceased was identified by people as our suspect of the aforesaid case. His body is lying at Lynn’s mortuary waiting for a post mortem to be performed on it. The cause of the duo’s fight is not yet known,” Kwarare said.

Kwarare also said the upsurge in murder cases is a result of misunderstanding between intimate lovers has become a tragic trend in Botswana over the last years.

He pleaded with men who are usually the perpetrators to value the sanctity of human life. He said dozens of women in Botswana have been killed at the hands of their lovers something that continues to spiral of control.

“We (police) has being conducting awareness campaigns urging people to respect the sanctity of life, avoid settling disputes through violent means but our efforts seem to be falling into deaf ears. Most of the perpetrators who are mostly men are usually not brave enough so they eventually resort to suicide,” he said.

He called on partners to always seek help when having misunderstandings stating that the police amongst everyone else are always available to offer any kind of help. Kwarare added that insecure men are prone to violence calling on women to be cautious when dating men with anxious behavior.

He further stated that through police investigations they have observed that most men do not want to let go when their partners are no longer interested and commit violent crimes because of jealousy.


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