ADECO: Cape Verdeans made 42 complaints in 2023. Electra returns to lead complaints

ADECO: Cape Verdeans made 42 complaints in 2023. Electra returns to lead complaints
ADECO: Cape Verdeans made 42 complaints in 2023. Electra returns to lead complaints

Africa-Press – Cape verde. Between January and December 2023, the Consumer Protection Association (ADECO), registered 42 complaints, against 29 companies from various sectors of activity. The ranking was once again led by Electra.

According to a statement from ADECO, released today, compared to the 2022 balance sheet , 30 fewer complaints were filed and there was a change in the level of the most complained about sectors, Electra at the top, São Vicente City Council and CvInterilhas in second place, BCA , BestFly CV and TACV in third place.,

Electra tops the ranking of the most complained about companies, followed by Hospital Batista de Sousa, Grupo Khym Negoce and Cabo Verde Airlines.

“Electra once again led the ranking, having been responsible for 14% of the services provided. When compared to the previous year, the number of registered complaints decreased by 50%”, it reads.

Complaints, in general and according to the same source, ranged from exaggerated billing and provision of poor quality services to problems with product guarantees and flight cancellations.

Also in the same position as in 2022, was the company Águas de Santiago (AdS), returning to 4th place on the list, with 5% of registered complaints. The main problems that motivated consumer complaints were exaggerated billing and problems in debt renegotiation.

Occupying 5th place in the ranking with 2% of complaints are companies in the financial sector, air transport, consumption of goods and services and state-owned companies. The main complaints from these segments continue to be procedural slowness, lack of information, poor quality products and poor service provision.

Despite being at the top of the list of most complained about companies, Electra stood out for responding to consumer complaints, with 100% of complaints resolved.

“Of the 6 complaints registered, 100% were resolved and 4 were in favor of the consumer. Who also occupies the top of the list is Hospital Batista de Sousa, which also responded to 100% of the 4 cases against it, all of which were resolved, but not in favor of the complainant”, says ADECO.

The list of companies that did not respond to requests for clarification last year is headed by the Municipal Council of São Vicente, followed by the Municipal Council of Tarrafal de São Nicolau, Bestfly Cabo Verde, Pão Quente de Terra Branca, DHL Cabo Verde, and CAPEKEY-Investimentos & Participações, which failed to fulfill their duty to respond to the complaints presented by ADECO.

The association also highlighted the lack of compliance with legal obligations by regulatory entities.

“Once complaints and denunciations have been made, administrative proceedings should be initiated and depending on the case the company could be fined or subject to sanctions, but they have deviated from these functions, which generates in citizens a feeling that there are no bodies to turn to to deal with with the problems they face”, it states.

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