Freight forwarders warn that the amount payable on goods will double with the new model

Freight forwarders warn that the amount payable on goods will double with the new model
Freight forwarders warn that the amount payable on goods will double with the new model

Africa-Press – Cape verde. The class of freight forwarders in Praia warned that, if the new model for small orders, announced by the Government last week, is implemented, the amounts paid for goods will double, taking into account the increase in expenses for freight forwarders.

This increase is based, in a statement sent to the media, by supposed “conditionalisms” imposed on the class that, they say, is in danger of disappearing.

“In view of these charges, small orders will be extremely expensive in their customs clearance. In the current model, you pay, more or less, around six thousand escudos for a small order. With the new model, this value will double”, he warned.


In the aforementioned statement, it says that the class will be subject to the obligation of having its own warehouses, with a geographical location preferably in the vicinity of the port, combined with the high rent to be paid for these spaces.

“To this end, the transport of small orders from the Terminal to the warehouses, the placement of workers for handling, and, when justified, depending on the weight of the orders, use of machines for their handling”, he added.

In the opinion of this class, if the objective is to help families who receive help from close emigrants, one must think of another way and not this one that, if it takes effect, “in what way makes small orders more expensive”.


“Many times, not to say every time, it is the emigrant himself who sends money for the cost of customs clearance. This new model, if it really takes effect, the class of freight forwarders in Cape Verde will cease to exist and many heads of families will go into unemployment”, he considers.

Faced with this concern, the class asks for clarification “of this and other points in the chain”, namely if it will secure the warehouses, “in the same way that it will secure for a future freight forwarder” which it says it knows is preparing to enter the market.

New invoice template

It is recalled that on August 11, the Government of Cape Verde announced a new invoice model to be used by freight forwarding companies and which, as he said, will eliminate the “exchange of papers” in the process of clearing small orders.

With this invoice-receipt model, the executive intends to remove informality and promote transparency in the process of sending and receiving small orders.

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