May Ocean Trail moved hundreds of people

May Ocean Trail moved hundreds of people
May Ocean Trail moved hundreds of people

Africa-Press – Cape verde. The organization of Maio Ocean Trail made a positive assessment of the event, which attracted hundreds of people, including athletes and the public.

Rui Marques, responsible for the organization, recalls that the activities started in the morning with trail kids, followed by a long and short trail, starting in the village of Calheta and walking between the village of Morro and the city of Porto Inglês, where the final of the races took place. .

This year’s initiative, he says, brought together a hundred athletes from all over the islands and from Portugal.

It was “a great moment”, he said, noting that this was a “happy coincidence” that the event and the Youth Day, which took place on August 12, took place at the same time, on the island of Maio “ Cape Verdean Youth Capital”.

If all goes as planned next year, they will be on the island again to hold another event in which they aim to increasingly count on the participation of international athletes, as this event also aims to promote the island as a tourist destination.

Satisfied Municipality

On the other hand, the sports councilor of the Municipality of Maio, Carlos Tavares, said that this event and that of the Youth Day brought a different dynamic to the island.

“There was not only a general dynamic, but also the young people themselves felt that the island of Maio is prepared to host events of this type in the near future”, emphasizing that all these events have already attracted about seven hundred young people, including the athletes who came to participate in Maio. Ocean Trail”, he underlined.

Asked if there was any embarrassment in terms of the organization of the Maio Ocean Trail, Carlos Tavares assured that everything went smoothly.

He also said that both maritime and air transport operated “normally” and domestically, they were also able to respond to demand using available resources.

As we are counting on holding three events at the same time, organizing the logistics was very tiring, but with the strength and dynamics of the Maiense youth itself, we were able to carry out all the planned activities”, he concluded.

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