São Vicente: Gala SCM awards six artists and three entities

São Vicente: Gala SCM awards six artists and three entities
São Vicente: Gala SCM awards six artists and three entities

Africa-Press – Cape verde. The “Gala Noite de Autores”, from the Cape Verdean Music Society (SCM), awarded, on Friday night, in the City of Mindelo (São Vicente), six national artists and three entities, in four different categories: Traditional Music and Classical, Urban and Modern Music, Guardian User and Career Award.One of the highlights of the night was the Career Award, which, in this 1st Edition of the SCM Event, went to Antero Simas.

Absent from the country, Simas made use of Technologies to send, virtually, his message of thanks.

“My emotions have no limits, maybe I didn’t deserve that God gave me so much. What I received from God, SCM and Cape Verde is extraordinary. Thank you to all Cape Verdeans!”, said Antero Simas, who was represented, in person, by his grandchildren and daughter Miriam Simas.

According to the president of SCM, Solange Cesarovna, the award resulted from the vote held at the Society’s General Assembly, on 12 April, where Simas was chosen “unanimously”, “single proposal” and “acclaim” from all authors, composers , artists, members of the Collectivity.

In the Traditional and Classical Music Category, singer Diva Barros was distinguished as best performer and best song, with “Amdjer Coque e Bafa”.

The artist DJimi Djo was distinguished in the sub-Category best arranger, while Luís Morais, represented by Evelise, was best composer.

For Urban and Modern Music, Ary kueka stood out with the conquest of four trophies, in the sub-categories: best performer, author, composer and music, with “Modern Slavery”.

The choice left the artist “very emotional” and “speechless”, for having managed to snatch all these prizes in a single Event. Also in this category, khaly Angel stands out as the best arranger.

SCM also awarded the “guardian user”, which, basically, are the Entities that pay the authors’ rights. Therefore, Oásis Atlântico stood out as a “Permanent Guardian User”; Punctual, the Insula; and Digital, Harmonia, Lda.

In addition to the awards, which took place in Mindelo, in Praça Dom Luís, there were performances by many national artists, in an act that was attended by the President of the Republic, José Maria Neves; the Minister of Culture and Creative Industries and the Sea, Abraão Vicente; of the Mayor of São Vicente, Augusto Neves, among others.

It was the Third Edition of the “Gala Noite de Autores” and the First of the SCM Awards.

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