TACV returns to domestic flights in Cape Verde almost seven years later

TACV returns to domestic flights in Cape Verde almost seven years later
TACV returns to domestic flights in Cape Verde almost seven years later

Africa-Press – Cape verde. The Cape Verdean airline (TACV) returns this Tuesday to domestic flights in Cape Verde, almost seven years later, and will operate from four international airports, the company announced.

Transportadora Aérea Cabo Verdeana, which operates under the commercial name of Cabo Verde Airlines (CVA) announced that it will resume operations “on a complementary basis” with TICV, owned by Angolan company Bestfly, the only one that makes air connections between the islands, through a state concession.

The company indicated that it will begin operating to and from the four international airports of Praia, Sal, São Vicente and Boa Vista.

The objective, continued the same source, is to increase mobility between the islands, which over the years has been unpredictable, causing a lot of outrage in the country.

“The schedule is designed to facilitate connections between the islands and at the same time increase connectivity with international flights”, said TACV, which also aims to “greater circulation of domestic and tourist traffic.

The company announced that flights will be distributed from today onwards by travel agents and on its official website (www.caboverdeairlines.com), where you can now search for flights from Praia to Sal and São Vicente, and vice-versa. verse.

The Minister of Tourism and Transport of Cape Verde, Carlos Santos, announced on Monday, in statements to Lusa, the return of TACV to domestic flights, with a plane leased to Air Senegal.

The minister recognized the “bumps” that have occurred in inter-island [air] transport, motivated by the “growing” tourist demand, but also by Bestfly’s “weak capacity” to respond.

Carlos Santos said that the alternative is “structuring and definitive”.

In addition to the four international airports, Cape Verde has airfields in São Nicolau, Maio and Fogo.

On July 31, 2017, management errors and debts led the Government to move forward with the restructuring of TACV, the first measure of which was the end of domestic connections, 59 years later.

Since then, inter-island air links have been operated by a single company, currently the Angolan company BestFly, which bought the majority of the capital of TICV, previously owned by the Spanish company Binter.

In March 2019, Cape Verde sold 51% of the operator for 1.3 million euros to the Icelandic company Loftleidir and businesspeople from that country.

However, following the company’s shutdown during the Covid-19 pandemic, the State took the position, alleging several non-compliances and dissolving the corporate bodies.

The airline makes international connections with Lisbon (Portugal), Paris (France) and Bergamo (Italy) and also plans to resume flights to Brazil, Bissau (Guinea-Bissau), as well as opening connections to Boston (United States) .

TACV was founded in 1958, and until 1984 it operated only on domestic routes.

The following year, it began international connections with the opening of the Sal – Lisbon – Sal line, having gradually conquered new markets at regional level as well.

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