African Union Day Celebration in Asmara

African Union Day Celebration in Asmara
African Union Day Celebration in Asmara

Africa-Press – Eritrea. Asmara, 16 June 2024 – The 61st anniversary of the establishment of the African Unity, now known as the African Union, was commemorated at Asmara Palace Hotel on 14 June. The event was attended by senior Government and PFDJ officials, Ambassadors, members of the Diplomatic Corps, representatives of UN organizations in Eritrea, and other guests.

The program was organized in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Eritrea and the Embassies of African countries in Eritrea.

Mr. Osman Saleh, Minister of Foreign Affairs, highlighted that 2024 marks six decades since the foundation of the Organization of African Unity and two decades since the establishment of the African Union. Minister Osman Saleh emphasized that this day is significant as Africans on the continent and worldwide come together to celebrate Africa Day, the continent’s most opportune event.

Minister Osman noted that African problems can only be addressed by Africans. However, he mentioned that Africa often relies on foreign aid and assistance. He stressed that this day should remind us of the necessity to work together to build a strong and self-sufficient African Union capable of driving its development.

Mr. Percy Kumsha, Ambassador of the Republic of South Africa in Eritrea, acknowledged that African countries face challenges such as poverty, inequality, climate change, and political instability. However, he also pointed out that Africa has immense opportunities in technology, renewable energy, and youth empowerment and that effort should continue towards a prosperous and united Africa.

The Organization of African Unity was established in 1963 and transformed into the African Union in 2002.

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