Company Develops Ultra-Thin Brain Implant Devoid of Skull Drilling

Company Develops Ultra-Thin Brain Implant Devoid of Skull Drilling
Company Develops Ultra-Thin Brain Implant Devoid of Skull Drilling

Africa-Press – Eritrea. The brain–computer interface technology developed by Precision Neuroscience is supposed to be inserted inside a person’s skull but not into the brain itself, with the procedure being minimally invasive. It could revolutionize treatment for neurological degenerative diseases.

Brain-computer interface (BCI) company Precision Neuroscience has managed to raise millions of dollars in an attempt to develop an implant that may allow people to interact with digital devices directly with their mind.

According to media reports, the company announced a $41 million series B funding round this week, with a series A funding round netting them $12 million in 2021.

The proposed device is expected to help people suffering from severe neurological degenerative diseases to regain the ability to communicate with others. The device Precision Neuroscience is working on is a tiny electrode array dubbed Layer 7 Cortical Interface that resembles a thin piece of film.

While similar implants developed by other companies are expected to be inserted into the brain tissues directly, Precision Neuroscience wants their creation to be minimally invasive, requiring only making a slit less than a millimeter thick into the skull so that the implant could be put inside the cranium but not into the brain matter.

This approach does not entail a craniotomy, and the procedure is supposed to be reversible, potentially allowing a patient to have the device removed or replaced with an upgraded version.

Jacob Robinson, founder of another BCI company called Motif Neurotech, did point out, however, that the fact that Layer 7 is not implanted directly into the brain tissue would likely mean that the resolution of the brain signals provided by the device won’t be as strong as that offered by other brain implants.

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