Martyrs Day Observance in Southern Region

Martyrs Day Observance in Southern Region
Martyrs Day Observance in Southern Region

Africa-Press – Eritrea. Asmara, 21 June 2024 – Martyrs Day was enthusiastically observed in Mendefera at the regional level under the theme “20 June Day of Pride.”

On the evening of 19 June, thousands of Mendefera residents and members of the Defense Forces conducted a candlelight vigil program on the city’s main street. The event also featured the laying of wreaths at the Martyrs Cemetery accompanied by cultural programs that portrayed the day.

Mr. Hizkias Wuhbet, administrator of the sub-zone, urged nationals to actively respond to the martyrs’ legacy, who sacrificed their lives for independence and national sovereignty.

Similarly, Martyrs Day was observed in all sub-zones of the region with various programs.

The Northern Red Sea Region also enthusiastically commemorated Martyrs Day with candle vigils, popular campaigns, and support for families of martyrs.

The candle vigil ceremony on 19 June at the Tewalet Martyrs Cemetery was attended by Ms. Asmeret Abraha, Governor of the region, along with senior government and PFDJ officials, and numerous residents of the port city of Massawa and members of the Defense Forces.

A walkathon program was conducted on 20 June from Tewalet to the Martyrs Cemetery, involving many Massawa residents, government employees, and members of the Defense Forces.

Ms. Asmeret Abraha laid a wreath at the Martyrs Cemetery and emphasized the deep responsibility every citizen bears in fulfilling the martyrs’ trust by participating actively in national development programs and supporting the families of martyrs.

The two-day events were highlighted by cultural and artistic programs depicting the day.

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