Over 5.7 Billion Nakfa Disbursed to Support Families of Martyrs

Over 5.7 Billion Nakfa Disbursed to Support Families of Martyrs
Over 5.7 Billion Nakfa Disbursed to Support Families of Martyrs

Africa-Press – Eritrea. Asmara, 18 June 2024 – Mr. Zeray Tekleab, Director of Welfare for Families of Martyrs at the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, announced that the Government of Eritrea has allocated more than 5.7 billion Nakfa to assist the families of martyrs. Since 1995, the government began its support by providing each family with 10,000 Nakfa. To ensure ongoing assistance to ease life challenges of the families of martyrs, the Government enacted the Support of Families of Martyrs Proclamation No. 137/2003. Since January 2004, each martyr’s family has received a monthly stipend of 500 Nakfa, totaling over 5 billion Nakfa in disbursements by 2024.

Mr. Zeray highlighted that recent efforts have focused on rehabilitating the families of martyrs through various income-generating schemes. Notably, 1,391 spouses of martyrs have received livestock valued at approximately 27 million Nakfa, while others have started small-scale businesses. Additionally, vocational training programs have been organized for those engaged in small businesses.

He also noted the significant contributions from nationals both within the country and abroad, which have amounted to over 180 million Nakfa, benefiting 21,103 families of martyrs.

Mr. Zeray commended the collaborative efforts of ministries across all sub-zones in identifying the families in need, determining the appropriate types of support, and organizing vocational training programs. He emphasized that supporting the families of martyrs should be a collective effort and called on every citizen to enhance their participation.

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