Telegram’s new ‘live’ emoji and other updates

Telegram's new ‘live’ emoji and other updates
Telegram's new ‘live’ emoji and other updates

Africa-Press – Eritrea. Telegram is bringing new animated emojis to its users called telemoji.

According to Telegram CEO Pavel Durov, the new animated emoji can be put in the text of messages and media captions.

Durov says the initial custom emoji pack has 10, but premium users enjoy 500, and more are to come.

“When you start typing a message, the sticker button will turn into an emoji button that opens the redesigned emoji panel. There, you browse your emoji pack or add new ones,” Durov said in a post.

“All users, premium or not can see any animated emoji. Everyone can use all custom emoji for free in their saved messages.”

Users just have to tap on them to experience a synchronized full-screen effect.

On iOs, the sticker panel has revamped its look, which is more in line with that on Android, desktop and web apps.

The Gif section is also now updated with thousands of high-quality gifs from your favourite movies and shows.

You also get to choose specific people and groups that can send you voice and video messages.

Users also get to animate their profile pictures.

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