EFF will never back down in bid to oust King Mswati says EFF Swaziland

EFF will never back down in bid to oust King Mswati says EFF Swaziland
EFF will never back down in bid to oust King Mswati says EFF Swaziland

Africa-Press – Eswatini. DURBAN – THE Economic Freedom Fighters Swaziland (EFF Swaziland) has vowed to never back down from demanding the end of King Mswati’s undemocratic and oppressive rule.

In an exclusive interview with the Daily News, secretary-general of the EFF Swaziland Ncamiso Ngcamphalala, in Durban on Sunday, expressed his disappointment with the African leaders who were tasked with an intervention role to bring about peace in the tiny nation.

Ngcamphalala said there was no democracy in his nation, as all political parties were banned by then King Sobhuza II in 1973, disallowing them from electing a democratic government.

He said the African leaders who are in positions of power were aware of the situation, but had not done anything to help the people of eSwatini.

He also criticised certain heads of states whom he claimed were sympathising with the monarch at the expense of the people who had lost hope as they continued to live under the monarch’s oppressive rule.


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“The king introduced absolute rule and stripped the people of the power to exercise their right to participate in a democratic process that would allow them to vote and choose leaders that have a deep understanding of democratic values.

“Currently, the situation in our country is not normal, because as you know, once you start a revolution there is no turning back. We are preparing for the so-called dialogue with many parties in an effort to bring about peace in the country,” he said.

Adding that: “The only problem with dictators is that they will cling to power, because they do not want to be exposed for looting the resources of Swaziland.”

Ngcampalala added: “When you are directly involved in the looting of Swaziland you will fight to remain in power and protect yourself from accountability. We will engage peacefully because we do not want to be called anarchists, but if the king refuses to allow the people to exercise their rights, we will force him out of office in one way or the other.”

EFF Swaziland claimed that it was only the EFF South Africa that heeded the call and threw its support behind the struggling people of eSwatini, whose democratic rights have been suppressed.

“They support us physically and financially. We are grateful for their unwavering support and this gives us hope that the will of our people will prevail in the end.”

Ngcamphalala said his party drew inspiration from South Africa and its democratic processes, stating that the EFF in South Africa, in particular, had provided a platform for radical parties in the continent.

“Without the EFF, there would never have been a strong protest calling for the end of the authoritative rule in eSwatini. The party went as far as protesting in South Africa in support of the people of Swaziland.”

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