Africa-Press – Eswatini. In a powerful address during the Nazareth Baptist Church Sabbath service yesterday, His Majesty King Mswati III expressed profound gratitude for the blessings imparted by Mduduzi Shembe, the leader of the Nazareth Baptist Church, widely known as Unyazi Lwezulu.

The service was graced by an array of dignitaries, including Indlovukazi, King MisUzulu KaZwelithini, guests from the Yoruba Kingdom, members of the royal family, Cabinet ministers, and parliamentarians.

King Mswati III, welcomed to the pulpit by Prime Minister Russell Dlamini, emphasised the significant role the Nazareth church plays in the nation’s spiritual wellbeing.

“We are very thankful for the blessings of Shembe, because every time the Nazarene church is here and praying, you pass on blessings to the nation,” said the King, bringing to attention the transformative power of faith and the importance of divine blessings in guiding the nation towards a prosperous and peaceful future.

His Majesty acknowledged the church’s unwavering commitment to spiritual enrichment and suggested extending their stay from two weeks to three, noting their warm reception and the positive impact of their presence.

Drawing from scripture, the King referenced the story of Abraham and Sarah, who miraculously had a child in their old age, emphasising the transformative power of faith in overcoming challenges and achieving the impossible

“This proves that nothing is impossible with God,” he declared, emphasising the limitless possibilities when faith is placed in the divine.

“Divine intervention can make the unthinkable a reality,” said the King, urging the nation to seek God earnestly, as divine guidance can open all doors.

“Once God has spoken, nobody can say anything to the opposite,” he said, highlighting God’s impartiality and inclusivity.

His Majesty also cited the biblical story of Gideon, who was chosen by God to lead an army despite his humble origins.

This, he said, serves as a reminder that one should never underestimate their potential when called by God.

“One should not look down upon themselves when God tasks them with something, but instead work with the knowledge that God has empowered them,” said the King, reminding the congregation that God’s love and purpose transcend material wealth and societal position.

“In a society often divided by wealth and status, all are equal in the eyes of God and can be used by Him to fulfill His purposes, whether rich or poor,” His Majesty said.

The King further shone light on the importance of inner faith and authenticity, warning against superficial piety.

“What is important with God is not what is on the outside, rather what is on the inside,” he emphasised, urging the nation to live in truth and follow God’s ways sincerely.

His Majesty further warned against the dangers of superficial religiosity, where outward appearances of piety mask inner falsehood, and instead, urged the nation to cultivate genuine faith and live in accordance with God’s principles, putting emphasis on the importance of sincerity and integrity in one’s spiritual journey.

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