Abiy’s Call for Defending Sovereignty Reflects Invincibility: Ethiopian Diaspora

Abiy’s Call for Defending Sovereignty Reflects Invincibility: Ethiopian Diaspora
Abiy’s Call for Defending Sovereignty Reflects Invincibility: Ethiopian Diaspora

Africa-Press – Ethiopia. Members of the Ethiopian Diaspora said the decision of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to go to the war front and the national call he made for defending the sovereignty of the country is a call for the triumph of not only Ethiopians but also the people of Africa.

It is to be recalled that the premier said the war waged against Ethiopia is part of the campaign being carried out to deny blacks an exemplary country of freedom and victory.

According to him, the struggle being carried out by Ethiopia is a struggle of all black people as it is a conspiracy to humiliate blacks and impose the new form of colonialism by making Ethiopia kneel down..

The premier stressed that it is time to lead the country with sacrifice and vowed to lead the army from the battlefront as of today.

Some members of the diaspora approached by the Ethiopian News Agency said Abiy’s call reveals African invincibility.

His decision to march to the war front and lead the army with a view to saving the national unity of Ethiopia reflects leadership quality and encourages the people to enhance their struggle against the enemy, they said.

The Oslo ( Norway) resident, Ethiopia Alemayehu said the call made by Prime Minister Abiy is a call extended for freedom and invincibility not only to Ethiopians but also to Africans.

“When a leader of a country marches to defend his nation , who are we to sit and wait? We have to march to defend our country along with the prime minister,” she added.

Alebachew Desalegn from London said on his part the decision reflects the strong courage of the leadership of Ethiopia to defend the nation.

“As we are now at a significant historical chapter to ensure the survival of Ethiopia as a nation, all Ethiopians must march to the war front to save the nation.”

The Tokyo resident, Seife Gebremichael said the decision made by the premier to lead the army from the battlefield demonstrates the continuation of symbolic courage registered in the history of Ethiopian leaders.

He further affirmed the commitment of the diaspora to continue supporting the ongoing fight against foreign and internal enemies to dismantle Ethiopia.

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