Activities Underway to Further Enhance Ethio-Russia Ties: Ambassador

Activities Underway to Further Enhance Ethio-Russia Ties: Ambassador
Activities Underway to Further Enhance Ethio-Russia Ties: Ambassador

Africa-PressEthiopia. Ethiopian Ambassador to Russia, Alemeayehu Tegenu said works are underway to further enhance the existing bilateral relations between Ethiopia and Russia.

According to the Ambassador, Ethiopia is confidence on Russia’s comprehensive and principle-based support to Ethiopia in various international arenas.

In his exclusive interview with ENA today from Moscow, Ethiopian Ambassador to Russia Alemayehu said efforts are being reinforced to further consolidate an age-old bilateral tie between Ethiopia and Russia.

He added Ethiopia and Russia have a historic and long-standing partnership which has been growing up under different governments of the countries.

According to the ambassador, the comprehensive partnership between Ethiopia and Russia has been gaining momentum and borne fresh fruits in multilateral diplomacy.

In particular, Alemayehu said the establishment of the Ethio-Russian Joint Intergovernmental Commission has further strengthened the cooperation and bilateral ties so far.

Speaking on the agreement in economic sector, he pointed out that the countries have signed more than 20 bilateral accords including a recent agreement to use nuclear energy for peaceful purposes, especially for power generation.

He further revealed that many Russian investors are interested to invest in various areas in Ethiopia.

The Ambassador also noted that the partnership in science and technology as well as in the business sector is strengthening.

He further stated that the two nations have multi-faced, vibrant and robust bilateral relationship which has advanced into a strong political, cultural, education, religion and people-to-people linkages.

He specifically, underlined on Ethio-Russia relations in the political arena that have been strengthened in various forums and will continue to be enhanced.

Ambassador Alemayehu indicated that Russia is showing its unwavering solidarity by supporting Ethiopia in the international stages.

For instance, Russia has proven its solidarity with Ethiopia in the recent UN Security Council meeting and expressed his gratitude to for that.

During UNSC meeting Russia has affirmed its partnership by opposing foreign interference in Ethiopia’s internal affairs.

Accordingly, “since Russia is all with us in providing principle-based support, we will work hard to strengthen this partnership and ready to deepen traditional friendship,” he said.


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