Adwa Victory Changed Dynamics of Ethiopia’s Diplomacy, Says FA State Minister

Adwa Victory Changed Dynamics of Ethiopia’s Diplomacy, Says FA State Minister
Adwa Victory Changed Dynamics of Ethiopia’s Diplomacy, Says FA State Minister

Africa-PressEthiopia. Addis Ababa February 10/2021 (ENA) The victory of Adwa tremendously changed the dynamics of the country’s diplomacy in the global arena as the country secured its sovereignty and long cherished independence, Foreign Affairs State Minister Birtukan Ayana said.

The state minister told ENA that the victory over fascist Italy in 1896 positively impacted the diplomatic posture of the country. “The day after the victory, many countries around the world were eager to open their embassies in Addis Ababa and international organizations opened offices.”

The victory registered 125 years ago meant and means a lot to the entire black people, she noted.

It made Ethiopia known, glorified and respected in the international arena, Birtukan said, adding that “Adwa has become the leaven of Ethiopia’s diplomatic center due to this.”

The great victory of Adwa united modern Ethiopia with its ancient history and a historical event that demonstrates the heroism and patriotism of those forefathers, the state minister underscored.

Moreover, victory of Adwa is a living historical event that consolidated unity among the people of Ethiopia as well as those black people around the world, Birtukan explained.

“Adwa is a symbol of liberation struggle of people of other countries, especially the black people. And it is a victory that has inspired the spirit of Ethiopiansim internationally.”

According to her, Adwa is in the realm of memory as it is still relevant today for all African countries. It will continue as one of major diplomatic tools of Ethiopia in strengthening Pan-Africansim movement, an offshoot of Ethiopiansim, that passed through several stages.

At present preparations are underway to colorfully celebrate the 125th anniversary of Adwa Victory.

Birtukan believes that Adwa’s victory laid the foundation for Pan-Africanism, which has enabled Ethiopia to be the seat of African Union in terms of diplomacy.

The state minister said, “ One of the values ​​of our foreign policy is pan-Africanism. As the seat of African Union, our priority in the new foreign policy is to build regional integration with neighboring countries and with the rest of Africa. Therefore, on the occasion of the 125th Adwa victory, Pan-Africanism will be a major reflection that would help us have a great memory for our diplomacy.”


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