African Leaders Must Say No to Neo-colonialism, Support Ethiopia: Scholar

African Leaders Must Say No to Neo-colonialism, Support Ethiopia: Scholar
African Leaders Must Say No to Neo-colonialism, Support Ethiopia: Scholar

Africa-Press – Ethiopia. African leaders have to rise up and stand alongside Ethiopia as the country is fighting a historic continental war saying no to neo-colonialism, a scholar said.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, the historian Tsegaye Tadesse said the ambition of neo-colonialists is to partition Africa in “the name of humanitarian aid.”

The unwarranted pressure on Ethiopia has been imposed in the name of democracy and humanitarian aid, among others, he noted, adding that these are only pretexts by the U.S and some Western countries to subdue Ethiopia.

The reform which raised hope in Ethiopia worried the West so much so as to impose unjustified pressure on the nation that is the symbol of independence for black people worldwide, Tsegaye stated.

The West simply does not like the strong ambitions of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, particularly in realizing regional integration and exploiting Africa’s untapped resources.

The scholar called on not only the Horn of African countries but all leaders of the continent and all actors who want to see the growth of Africa and defend the independence of its people to support Ethiopia before it is too late.

As the neo-colonialists are working to subdue Ethiopia and make it their main gate to Africa, leaders of the continent have to understand this and wake up in time.

“Defending Ethiopia is defending Africa. So, all African nations have to stand alongside Ethiopia, which is the symbol of freedom and independence for all black people,” Tsegaye stressed.

He further noted that what the West needs is a puppet government it can control and meets their interests.

So when they see a leader that stands with his people and says no to unwarranted interventions in the internal affairs of the nation, they play with their familiar cards which are democracy, aid, and human rights, among others, the scholar elaborated.

Tsegaye underlined that “the West only want to see a continent which is always dependent on aid.”

Today, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed urged all black nations and people to stand with Ethiopia in the spirit of Pan-Africanism for the war on Ethiopia is a war on all black nations.

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