Ambassadors Extend New Year Wishes to Ethiopians

Ambassadors Extend New Year Wishes to Ethiopians
Ambassadors Extend New Year Wishes to Ethiopians

Africa-PressEthiopia. The ambassadors of India and Israel to Ethiopia have extended New Year wishes to the Ethiopian people.

“On the behalf of Indian people living in Ethiopia and India we would like to wish all sisters and brothers in Ethiopia a very happy, peaceful and prosperous New Year,” India’s Ambassador to Ethiopia Robert Shetkintong said.

This Ethiopian New Year brings families, friends and relatives together to share a joyous moment of hope and renewal, he added.

“Many Ethiopians want to go back to their villages to celebrate the Ethiopian New Year followed by Meskel. They want to spend with their relatives and friends their joy and sorrow,” the ambassador noted.

During this time of the Ethiopian New Year, Ethiopia is in it best color. The landscape is filled with golden color of Meskel flowers, Ambassador Shetkintong described the colorful holiday.

“Many Indian families have lived in Ethiopia for the last four or five generations. For all purpose, they are Ethiopians and also love to celebrate your New Year and Meskel.”

He finally reaffirmed his country’s commitment to foster relations with Ethiopia in areas of commerce and business, among other sectors.

Israel’s Ambassador to Ethiopia, Aleligne Admasu said on his part that this time is very great for Ethiopians as they look forward to the end of the gloomy rainy season and the arrival of sunny and spring days.

“The Israeli government and people wish all the Ethiopian people and government a very peaceful, healthy, prosperous and happy New Year. I wish this New Year will bring unity, peace and security for Ethiopians,” Ambassador Admasu added.

The ambassador stated that his government will continue to further strengthen its existing relations with Ethiopia in multifaceted spheres in the New Year.

Ethiopians celebrate their New Year on September 11 and on the 12th every leap year, which signals the end of the long rainy season.


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