American Political Analyst Says Video Footage Confirms Ethiopians’ Suspicion of West’s Conspiracy

American Political Analyst Says Video Footage Confirms Ethiopians’ Suspicion of West’s Conspiracy
American Political Analyst Says Video Footage Confirms Ethiopians’ Suspicion of West’s Conspiracy

Africa-Press – Ethiopia. The video footage revealed today has confirmed that Ethiopians’ suspicions that “the West is conspiring to overthrow their democratically elected and legitimate government through its tacit partnership with the TPLF,” the Moscow-based American political analyst Andrew Korybko said.

A leaked video footage has been exposed when several Western diplomats conspiring with leaders of the TPLF to overthrow the democratically elected government of Ethiopia by force.

Among those seen in the video are US Ambassador to Somalia Donald Yamamoto; Vicki Huddleston, former Chargé d’Affaires ad interim to Ethiopia; former US deputy assistant secretary of defense for African Affairs and US assistant secretary of state for Africa; and Berhane Gebre-christos, a longtime TPLF official who served as Ethiopia’s ambassador to the United States for 10 years.

The leaked video also depicts former Ambassadors to Ethiopia from European countries, including Former UK Ambassador to Ethiopia and longtime representative of British affairs in Africa Robert Dewar, Former EU Ambassador to Ethiopia, Tim Clarke, Former French Ambassador to Ethiopia, Stéphane Gompertz, Former Spanish ambassador to Ethiopia, Carmen de la Peña and Former Finnish Ambassador to Ethiopia, Kirsti Aarnio participating in zoom meeting.

Following this development, responding to questions posed by ENA, the American political analyst Andrew Korybko said the video proves that Western nations aren’t neutral parties like they unconvincingly claimed this entire time, but are partisan actors who support regime change against Africa’s second most populous country.

“Not only that, but since the TPLF is officially designated by the Ethiopian authorities as terrorists, then this is evidence that the West is literally supporting terrorism despite always claiming to be against it,” he stated.

The implications are enormous since it shows that the American Hybrid War on Ethiopia has evolved into the Western Hybrid War on Ethiopia.

The American analyst further stressed that “there are no moral, ethical, or legal limits to what these conspires will do in their quest to overthrow the Ethiopian government.”

The authorities should consider summoning those countries’ respective ambassadors and potentially even asking them to leave the country, he underscored.

The video clearly demonstrates the fact that some of Western nations have been engaged in conspiracy against the government in Ethiopia.

This is crucial to consider because it exposes yet another element of the Western Hybrid War on Ethiopia, he said.

Korybko noted “This refers to tactics that attempt to get the victim to doubt their reality. It’s also considered abusive.”

“This revelation shows that those Western critics of this now-confirmed “conspiracy fact” were psychologically abusing Ethiopians who were certain that the US was indeed conspiring with the TPLF,” he underlined.

Furthermore, he elaborated that this is yet another example of the West’s racist attitudes towards Africans since they tried to get them to doubt this reality that’s since been confirmed.

“It needs to be condemned, and the West — especially the US — should no longer be trusted whenever it comments on anything having to do with African affairs,” the American political analyst Andrew Korybko said.

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