Application of Cloud Seeding in Ethiopia Brings Positive Impact on Agriculture: Scholars

Application of Cloud Seeding in Ethiopia Brings Positive Impact on Agriculture: Scholars
Application of Cloud Seeding in Ethiopia Brings Positive Impact on Agriculture: Scholars

Africa-PressEthiopia. March 27/2021(ENA) The application of Cloud Seeding technology would provide a positive impact in the ongoing effort to attaining sustainable agricultural productivity in Ethiopia, scholars underlined.

Cloud seeding is a type of technology that aims at inducing moisture in the clouds so as to cause a rainfall.

Many countries across the world have been using the technology to increase the magnitude of rainfall for various reasons.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed announced few days ago that Ethiopia is conducting experiments to use cloud seeding technologies and will officially launch soon, to augment rainfall. in its bid to enhance agricultural productivity.

“As our population increases and demands on land increase, such techniques will make dry places more livable and productive.” Abiy stated in his address to the House of Peoples’ Representative last Tuesday.

Economists approached by ENA said the application of such technology plays a paramount contribution to enhance agricultural productivity.

Senior Economic Analyst, Shewaferahu Shitahun noted that the agriculture sector in Ethiopia mostly depends on rainfall; adding that the effective implementation of cloud seeding technologies to boost the amount of rainfall would help the nation to improve agricultural productivity.

“Agriculture, the back bone of Ethiopia’s Economy, has been easily affected by climate change. In order to alleviate such natural challenges the application of such technology has to be encouraged as it is advantageous so as to boost agricultural productivity of the country.”

The renowned Economist, Professor Costantinos Berhe on his part said “As we have adequate concentration of cloud, then we can use the technology to get rain, ” this in turn, he added that would provide opportunity to widening water access and enhance water conservation of the country.

Countries have now been using the technology not only to get rain but also to prevent catastrophes like forest fires, he noted adding that “if we utilize this technology effectively and widely it would be a good instrument for our country to boost the agriculture sector.

Science and Higher Education State Minister, Professor Afework Kassu pointed out that his ministry has been working to develop Artificial Intelligence (AL) with a view to enhance the overall development of the country.

Activities are also underway to train human power in the field of AI in various universities in the country, he stated.

According to the World Meteorological Organization, about 52 countries have cloud seeding programs including the US, Canada, Some South-American countries, the Middle-east, China, Indonesia, Russia and some EU countries. The largest cloud seeding system in the world is that of China.


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