Bahir Dar Peace Conference Participants Pledge to Resolve Issuses Peacefully

Bahir Dar Peace Conference Participants Pledge to Resolve Issuses Peacefully
Bahir Dar Peace Conference Participants Pledge to Resolve Issuses Peacefully

Africa-Press – Ethiopia. Participants of the Bahir Dar Peace Conference in Amhara region have pledged to do their fair share in resolving every issue in a peaceful manner.

A regional peace conference which brought together various members of society from all areas of the Amhara region was held in Bahir Dar city from 24th to 25th 2024.

The conference concluded by issuing a ten-point joint declaration.

In the joint declaration, the participants have called on armed groups to submit their demands through peaceful manner, discussion and negotiation, and reintegrate with the society peacefully.

The declaration also noted that the problem in the region inflicted significant political, economic and social mayhem that harmed the society.

According to the declaration, serious efforts need to be exerted to still strengthen the peace and stability created in all parts of the region and to enable the inhabitants lead peaceful and stable life and return to sustainable development.

Moreover, the participants have expressed their great respect, in the name of the Amhara people, for the sacrifices paid by the heroic Ethiopian National Defense Force (ENDF) to restore peace in the region.

The conference participants also stated that they continue to see the government’s determination to address the demands of the people and persistently reinforce the quest in a peaceful way.

Since development issues cannot be addressed without a peaceful approach, the participants have agreed to contribute their share to resolve every issue in the region in a peaceful manner.

In addition, they have called on media organizations and professionals as well as activists to contribute their fair share in bringing about peace to the people and allow the inhabitants of the region to live in harmony with fellow brothers and sisters in the country.

They also urged members of government leadership, political parties, scholars, artists, and the Ethiopian Diaspora to support the peace efforts in the region.

Furthermore, the participants called on armed brothers and sisters to declare that killings are enough and come up with their demands through dialogue and negotiation and to reintegrate with the society.

They further urged the local administrations to do their part to make the peace efforts successful by welcoming their armed brothers with discipline and Ethiopian courtesy, realizing that they are brothers.

Moreover, the participants stressed the need for freeing the suspects who have been under arrest in connection with the problem and enable them to play their part in the lasting peace being built in the region, asking the government to release them with pardon and amnesty to fulfill their roles.

They have also requested the government to ensure that the Pretoria peace agreement is fully implemented, and stop those who disrupt its implementation from their acts.

At the conclusion of the conference, House of Federation Speaker Agegnehu Teshager and Amhara Region Chief Administrator Arega Kebede were present.

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