Consolidated Efforts Underway to End Aid Dependency in Ethiopia: DPM Temesgen

Consolidated Efforts Underway to End Aid Dependency in Ethiopia: DPM Temesgen
Consolidated Efforts Underway to End Aid Dependency in Ethiopia: DPM Temesgen

Africa-Press – Ethiopia. Deputy Prime Minister Temesgen Tiruneh disclosed today that concerted efforts have been underway to put an end to aid dependency in Ethopia by developing potential natural resources.

The deputy premier made the remark at the conclusion of the 100-day evaluation meeting held in the presence of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

According to DPM Temesgen, the performance evaluation focused on the performance of the macro-economy and the major sectors.

High yield was obtained from summer irrigation, he said, adding that rice cultivation and crop cultivation in general gave abundant harvest.

The deputy prime minister also highlighted that a new chapter aimed at enabling every family to have a balanced diet and change their nutrition was opened through the “Bounty of the Basket” (Ye Lemat Tirufat) initiative.

In addition to implementing initiatives, numerous forums have been held with the public in regions in order to ensure food sovereignty, Temesgen pointed out.

Recall that government officials conducted consultations with communities in various parts of the country over the last two weeks with the aim to realize a transformative shift in the agricultural sector.

The forums were imperative to catalyzing a societal mindset change from aid reliance to self-reliance.

Deputy PM Temesgen stated that the government is ready to work day and night with the hardworking people of Ethiopia to increase productivity by utilizing the fertile soil and water and end the country’s history of aid dependency.

In this regard, the people who participated in the forums have affirmed their determination to stop aid dependence, he said, explaining that this was one of the directions set by the 100-day performance evaluation meeting.

Speaking about the ongoing Addis Ababa corridor development, the deputy premier said the massive infrastructure development to change the appearance of the capital city has brought about results.

He noted that the corridor development has been implemented in a coordinated manner to make Addis Ababa suitable for its residents.

The corridor development practice has expanded to other regions and is being implemented in most cities, Temesgen revealed.

With regard to the manufacturing industry and the mining sector, priority has been given to doubling the capacity of factories.

This measure is expected to enable the nation earn large foreign currency after one year.

In general, he said 7.9 percent economic growth is expected at the end of the EFY this month and not less than 8.3 percent growth in the coming Ethiopian fiscal year.

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