Danish Professor Says Ethiopia Can Restore Peace, Stability Overcoming Challenges

Danish Professor Says Ethiopia Can Restore Peace, Stability Overcoming Challenges
Danish Professor Says Ethiopia Can Restore Peace, Stability Overcoming Challenges

Africa-Press – Ethiopia. Ethiopia is capable of restoring peace and stability by overcoming the challenges orchestrated by internal elements and external foreign powers, the Danish Professor Tobias Hagmann said.

The professor, who has authored a number of articles and books about Ethiopia, told ENA that historically the nation has passed through various challenges in ensuring its independence.

According to him, as the Government of Ethiopia has massive support of the people it could overcome the challenges orchestrated by TPLF.

He believes that Ethiopia’s case is not comparable with Yemen, Libya and Syria, countries faced with irreversible crisis for a number of reasons.

The government of Ethiopia is much stronger that those countries and has legitimate power in election.

Unlike those countries, there is no foreign military power involvement in the country also. So the nation can restore peace and stability.

Professor Hagmann pointed out that the foreign powers supposed to support the Government of Ethiopia in its effort of handling the current situation are instead supporting the TPLF morally.

The West needs to support the government, instead of putting unjust pressure in order to restore peace and stability in Ethiopia as soon as possible, he stated.

Western nations particularly the US, UK as well as the EU had been providing unconditional support to this group in spite of the serous human rights crimes committed against the people during its 27 years of rule in Ethiopia, according to the professor.

“During the EPRDF time, the Western donors supported EPRDF almost unconditionally, in particular the US, United kingdom and also the European Union; but there were serious political problems during the EPRDF time and the donors basically simply ignored them until Abiy come to power. ”

When the new prime minister came to power some three years ago, most Western nations were enthusiastic about his agenda too, Professor Hagmann said.

However, this part of the international community has shifted policy towards the government in Ethiopia. This has been particularly demonstrated following the eruption of the conflict in the northern part of the country.

TPLF has been using its relations with the diplomatic community that it has established during its 27 years rule in Ethiopia to mislead the world by falsely accusing the government, despite the numerous crimes the group has been committing, he noted.

In some degree international politics and diplomacy is a matter of foreign interest and in some degree it is a matter of public relations and communications, the professor said, adding that the government needs to enhance its diplomatic communication to convince the international community about the reality in Ethiopia.

The government’s efforts to inform the international community that TPLF started the conflict by committing treasonous act on the National Defense Force has to be enhanced, the professor underlined.

Professor Hagmann recalled that international organizations had taken different positions at the beginning. Even the UN Secretary General was much more friendly with the Ethiopian government and willing to accept the Ethiopian government; but with the policy shifts by the Ethiopian government the Western donors and the West are collaborating with TPLF.

Western colonizers continue to interfere, sometimes meddle in the internal affairs, of their African colonies undermining African sovereignty, he noted, adding that “but Ethiopia has different history which was able to fight colonizers and exist as an independent country in Africa.”

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