Diplomats, Political Parties Joint Council Discuss Current Situation in Ethiopia

Diplomats, Political Parties Joint Council Discuss Current Situation in Ethiopia
Diplomats, Political Parties Joint Council Discuss Current Situation in Ethiopia

Africa-PressEthiopia. Addis Ababa (ENA) August 6/2021 Diplomats residing in Addis Ababa and representatives of the opposition parties block, Ethiopian Political Parties Joint Council (EPPJC), held discussion about the current situation in Ethiopia.After a closed session they had, EPPJC Chairperson, Rahel Bafe, told reporters that members of the diplomatic community, which understands the current situation in the country, stands for the unity and strength of Ethiopia.

According to her, any attempt to interfere in the internal affairs of Ethiopia is unacceptable as these are solely the affairs of Ethiopians.

The government and opposition political parties have taken similar stance on this and the council asked the international community to play a positive role in helping the country emerge from the current crisis.

She pointed out that it is possible to work with Ethiopia on humanitarian assistance and other economic issues by respecting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ethiopia.

Unfortunately, the chairperson said “some foreign media and officials as well as governments meddle in our internal affairs.”

However, Ethiopians have a common position on the sovereignty of Ethiopia. “ No government can interfere in our internal affairs. Other than that, there are many things we can do together… In the face of the (belligerent acts of the terrorist TPLF), some countries have been trying to push us to accommodate unconstitutional issues because it was the direction they followed to get into something that violated UN rules. We want to make our differences clear on those.”

Rahel said the diplomats have expressed their willingness to work with Ethiopia in humanitarian assistance.

“They said we are willing to stand together and work for the unity and strength of Ethiopia. But they asked how they could come on board. No issue was raised other than humanitarian aid and their idea is how to bring it to conversation and solve it. They are foreigners so they can only support us with what they have and tell the truth to the countries they represent.”

A Member of EPPJC and Acting President of ENAT Party, Seifesilassie Ayalew said on his part said that political parties in Ethiopia have different ideologies but are united on the issue of Ethiopia’s sovereignty and unity.

“We, the political parties, have different political views and ideologies. But we have an unshakable position on the issue of unity and sovereignty of our country. It is also important for the international community to understand this and take a stand in a way that supports Ethiopia and to gradually reduce and eliminate their destructive mission.”

Ambassadors from various countries and members of the diplomatic community attended the briefing.


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