Ethiopia Reiterates Commitment to Peace, Development

Ethiopia Reiterates Commitment to Peace, Development
Ethiopia Reiterates Commitment to Peace, Development

Africa-Press – Ethiopia. Ethiopia, an anchor nation in the restive Horn of Africa region, has remained committed to playing a constructive role in peace and development, Foreign Affairs State Minister Mesganu Arga said.

In his exclusive interview that covered a wide ranging diplomatic and regional issues, the state minister noted that Ethiopia is a major player for stability and development endeavors in the Horn of African region.

“The Horn of Africa is a turbulent region where Ethiopia’s role in terms of peace and development has been one of the key areas the country has been contributing to the regional peace and stability. Ethiopia has played a constructive role in Somalia, South Sudan, and Sudan.”

He further stated that Ethiopia is contributing its fair share to global collective diplomatic engagements and regional partnership.

According to Mesganu, the country’s foreign policy is anchored on the major pillars such as strengthening partnership with neighboring countries and economic integration.

In particular, the current foreign policy stresses sustained economic growth by achieving joint regional development and peace.

So, “the focus is largely on promoting peace, stability, development and mutual interest in the sub-region, Africa, and the global community,” the state minister elaborated.

Speaking on the changing dynamics in the region and beyond, Mesganu said that promoting peace is a key area that Ethiopia has been collaboratively working with the international community and the neighboring countries.

In this respect, he acknowledged that the current geopolitical developments are affecting the greater Red Sea area, Middle East, and the globe at large.

And as Ethiopia is part of the global community and close to the areas it is affected by this phenomenon, Misganu stated, adding that it has therefore been promoting partnership with the international community based on principled foreign policy.

“Actually, Ethiopia’s traditional position is promoting collective global security. That is a key focus of our foreign policy. Thus, securing the Horn of Africa and the Red Sea is the core vital national interest of Ethiopia. And we will continue to do so in partnership with the global community in terms of securing the region, fighting terrorism and fighting against piracy in this part of the region.”

The state minister pointed out that Ethiopia has a core vital interest in the peace and security of the Red Sea. “The Red Sea is our outlet for our global commercial activity.”

For him, the east African region has a common destiny and thus the need for reinforcing mutual developments.

“We have to grow together and our interests are intertwined. Our destiny is connected. So promoting peace, development, and economic integration is Ethiopia’s core vital interests. (Therefore) we promote friendship, and we promote mutual benefits with the neighboring countries.”

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