Ethiopia Stresses Need for Policy Shifting, Infrastructure Dev’t in Africa Aviation Sector

Ethiopia Stresses Need for Policy Shifting, Infrastructure Dev't in Africa Aviation Sector
Ethiopia Stresses Need for Policy Shifting, Infrastructure Dev't in Africa Aviation Sector

Africa-Press – Ethiopia. The Ethiopian government has been seeking to facilitate policy changes for a better infrastructure development and enhanced training capacities as well as human resource development in the African aviation sector, Minister of Transport and Logistics, Alemu Sime said.

The 12th Aviation Stakeholders Convention and Africa’s 1st Safety and Operations Summit is convening in Addis Ababa.

In his opening remarks today, the minister said the Ethiopian government realized the great economic value of air transport as a catalyst for driving the country’s economy forward.

Ethiopian Airlines Group, in particular, is considered as a vital institute that bears a profound responsibility in facilitating the seamless movement of people and goods.

“It is on account of this undeniable reality that the Ethiopian Government has consistently and comprehensively extended its support to the Airlines, ensuring that all requisite and types of assistance are effectively provided.”

Hence, Alemu expressed his appreciation for the remarkable achievements of Ethiopian Airlines Group and its dedicated employees.

According to him, the Airlines is known for its outstanding contributions in establishing a robust transportation infrastructure that serves millions of passengers, particularly fellow Africans.

Thus, it deserves the highest recognition.

These challenges have been also widely seen in the African aviation industry such as lack of infrastructure development, traffic rights restrictions, shortage of training facilities, and human resource development.

Furthermore, it is worth mentioning for the necessity of policy amendments and bilateral discussions, making them beyond the purview of airlines to solve independently, the minister underlined.

Acknowledging the complexity of those issues in the aviation sector, the minister underlined the need for having a collaborative approach.

In this regard, he also reaffirmed the commitment of the Ethiopian government to working with other African governments.

“By fostering cooperation and undertaking joint initiatives, the Ethiopian government seeks to facilitate policy changes, promote infrastructure development, enhance training capacities, and support human resource development in the African aviation sector,” the minister added.

He further stated that through these concerted efforts, the government aspires to enable the growth and success of African airlines while addressing the unique challenges they encounter.

Ethiopian Airlines Group CEO, Mesfin Tasew said, “Your presence here today is a testament to your commitment to advancing the aviation industry and shaping its future, particularly in Africa.”

Mesifin described the African aviation industry which has remained weak, fragmented and is unable to deliver the desired results of the continent’s ambition particularly, in accelerating the intra Africa air transport services.

To this end, the CEO urged African governments to deliver on their commitments for the expansion of intra Africa connectivity.

“We need to continue urging African governments to make a practical move for the expansion of intra Africa connectivity by implementing certain initiatives. Thus, this would accelerate the socioeconomic integration of the continent as aspired by African heads of states,” he urged.

The CEO elaborated that African airlines need to have better access to grow their foreign currency in order to pay bank loans, aircraft discharges, to buy spare parts and pay for repair services.

African Airlines Association (AFRAA) Secretary General Abdérahmane Berthé said on his part only 10 percent of African citizens can afford air transport.

For him, this aviation industry demands considerable room and adequate investment for growth in addition to the policies at the political level.

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