Ethiopia Underscores Stronger Pan-Africanism in Tackling Security Crises

Ethiopia Underscores Stronger Pan-Africanism in Tackling Security Crises
Ethiopia Underscores Stronger Pan-Africanism in Tackling Security Crises

Africa-Press – Ethiopia. Pan-Africanism has a paramount role in integrating Africans to tackle security crises and bring lasting peace in the dynamic global environment, International Relations and Military Cooperation Director-General at the Ministry of Defense said.

In his opening remarks at the 61st anniversary of African Day, Major General Teshome Gemechu said Africans deserve a peaceful life and hence a security mechanism capable of ensuring peace and stability across the region.

The 61st anniversary of the Organization of African Unity (OAU) and its successor, the African Union was observed today in Ethiopia at the newly built Adwa Memorial Museum in Addis Ababa.

The director-general underscored that the security system of Africa must be capable enough to understand and analyze national and regional potential threats. He further stressed the need for taking necessary steps for regional cooperation and action as well.

Teshome recalled that Africa has been freed from colonialism, racism and apartheid through the relentless struggle our forefathers have made independently from their respective homeland and under OAU.

Both the OAU and its successor the African Union have played magnificent roles in promoting Pan-Africanism and building unity and solidarity to work together for a common destiny of Africans.

“Pan-Africanism is a must. It is even more important today as a tool that brings us together to carve out our common forward looking vision of a peaceful, strong and prosperous united Africa.

And it is a framework in advancing people-based democracy and human rights and strengthens our effort for economic and socio-political transformations that determine our destiny in the dynamic global environment.”

The major general further stated that what Africa requires is genuine and friendly support that contributes to the achievement of a free, prosperous and united Africa.

Whatever the setbacks of the moment and the difficulties, he hoped Africans will succeed and make a difference together.

Deputy Director-General of Africa Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Jemaludin Mustefa on his part said the transformation of the OAU to the AU has placed our continental organization in a better place to deal with existing and new challenges.

According to him, Africa continues to suffer from conventional and new security threats.

In particular, the continent has remained a victim of emerging issues ranging from geopolitical shifts, technological revolution, climate emergency on one hand; and continued vicious cycle of conflict and poverty. Moreover, lack of good governance and democratization, unconstitutional change of government, terrorism and corruption are also a pressing issue for Africa.

“These global challenges, no doubt, require a global response. Africa as a continent could also have a central role in an effort to search global solutions to these challenges.”

However, the deputy director-general Africa’s role at the global multilateral institutions remains to be marginal, limiting the continent’s role in addressing these challenges.

As a seat of this continental organization, Mustefa realized Ethiopia that the country has been playing its fair share in ensuring that the continental organization meets its objectives.

Ethiopia is playing an active role in fulfilling the ideals of the AU and has always opted for African solutions to problems that arise at home, he revealed.

“I would like to reassure you once again that Ethiopia, along with fellow member states of the African Union, will continue to play a significant role in promoting African solidarity and the spirit of pan Africanism.”

Senior Political and Reporting Officer at African Union Colonel Sheku Tegan on his part said the OAU was replaced by the African Union (AU) continues to work to deliver the vision of the heroes and heroines of Africa’s liberation.

AU is now reinforcing endeavors for an integrated, prosperous and peaceful Africa driven by its own citizens and representing its dynamic force at global stage, Tegan stated.

Speaking on the 61st anniversary of African Day, the officer said the celebration of the day is an opportunity for AU to pay tribute to the founding fathers and mothers of the OAU for their significant contribution toward achieving sovereignty across the African continent.

“The pan African movement, a global initiative striving to strengthen solidarity among all Africans and Africa in the diaspora, was born from the struggle against enslavement and colonization with the belief that unity is a cornerstone for economic, social, political progress.”

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