Ethiopian Blood and Tissue Bank Service Surpasses Eye Donation Goal, Collects 203 Eye Tissue in Nine Months

Ethiopian Blood and Tissue Bank Service Surpasses Eye Donation Goal, Collects 203 Eye Tissue in Nine Months
Ethiopian Blood and Tissue Bank Service Surpasses Eye Donation Goal, Collects 203 Eye Tissue in Nine Months

Africa-Press – Ethiopia. The Ethiopian Blood and Tissue Bank Service exceeded expectations by collecting a total of 203 eye tissues over the course of the past nine months, Deputy Director General Habtamu Taye said.

The number of individuals pledging to donate their eyes after death reached an impressive count of 288, indicating a growing awareness and commitment to this noble cause, he told ENA.

The response from the community has been overwhelming, with 288 individuals stepping forward to pledge their eyes for donation after their passing, he said.

Reflecting on the progress, the Director General revealed that the initial target was to secure pledges from 300 individuals within the nine-month time-frame.

While the final count of 288 fell slightly short of the goal, the collection of 203 eye tissue exceeded expectations.

The Director General acknowledged that although certain conditions accompany the commitment, the number of donors remains relatively small.

However, it is worth noting that this figure represents an almost twofold increase compared to the previous year when only 190 people pledged eye donations for the entire year, he said.

Emphasizing the urgent need for eye donations in Ethiopia, the Director General highlighted the significant number of citizens who have lost their sight due to eye injuries and are currently waiting for the opportunity to restore their vision through medical treatments.

“The act of donating one’s eyes symbolizes the donation of light, enabling those living in darkness to regain their sight, empowering them to lead fulfilling lives and make valuable contributions to both themselves and their country’’, he said.

The Director General reiterated the profound impact of eye donation during one’s lifetime. Expressing gratitude towards those who pledge their eyes while still alive, he emphasized the immense joy in knowing that they have selflessly contributed to this cause.

After their passing, the donated eyes illuminate the lives of others, becoming an integral part of their existence.

He encouraged a continued commitment to eye donation, emphasizing that this act of generosity posthumously benefits the nation.

He urged individuals to keep this noble cause in mind as the gift of sight becomes an enduring legacy that transcends time.

The Director General reiterated that restoring the vision of those in need is a humane task that requires the collective efforts and voluntary contributions of society.

Donors passionately appealed to those who have pledged to donate their eyes after death to honor their commitment and bring light to others.

They emphasized that the gift of an corneal tissue is the epitome of kindness, deserving widespread participation within the community.

Simret Teshome said: “After I depart this mortal realm, I have been inspired to donate my eye , enabling another individual to reclaim their sight and transition from darkness into the light. After all, the benevolent acts carried out on Earth are the treasures that adorn the heavens! This is the very reason for my joy. It fills me with profound happiness to know that by donating my eye, I can help someone behold the world anew.”

Speaking with ENA, Nega Demsey, who pledge his eye tissue eye upon death underscored the profound impact of these acts of kindness on the lives of recipients.

Nega highlighted the deep sense of fulfillment derived from making a pledge during one’s lifetime to donate eyeballs posthumously.

“The fulfillment derived from engaging in humanitarian work is immeasurable. As a person hailing from a rural background, I am acutely aware that many individuals are afflicted by various ailments, one of which is the debilitating eye condition. I have come to understand that this eye malady, commonly referred to as corneal scarring, can be effectively treated through the process of corneal transplantation. This life-changing procedure is made possible when people pledge to donate their eyes upon their passing. I have resolved that if I can become a beacon of illumination for two individuals after my life’s journey has concluded, then what more could I possibly desire? This is the rationale behind my commitment to donate my eyes.”

Eye donation has been an integral part of Ethiopia’s volunteerism initiatives for many years. Generous individuals who have selflessly donated their eyesight have become beacons of hope, illuminating the lives of those in need.

Metasebiya said: “I was once a person who struggled to clearly perceive distant objects or differentiate individuals from afar. I also faced challenges in reading labels and documents from a distance. However, after undergoing the restorative treatment, I can now navigate my surroundings with confidence, read effortlessly, and engage in social settings without apprehension. The rejuvenation of my vision has empowered me to move about freely and pursue my dreams without limitation.”

Tariku said: “I am profoundly grateful to have been the recipient of this transformative gift. By obtaining this opportunity, I am now able to assist my country, my family, and myself. I have become a self-reliant individual. Had I not undergone the eye transplant procedure, I would have continued living as a dependent person, unable to pursue my own work. I am alive today because of the second chance provided by the generous donor. I am now employed and self-sufficient, thanks to this remarkable chance at a new beginning.”

Metasebiya, one of the grateful recipients of eye transplantation, eloquently described the transformative impact of the procedure.

Previously unable to recognize people from a distance or confidently navigate social settings, Metasebiya’s life has undergone a profound change.

The restoration of vision has instilled her with newfound confidence and freedom, enabling her to explore the world uninhibitedly and pursue her dreams without limitations.

Tariku, expressing his gratitude, stated, “I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have received the gift of sight through an eyeball transplant. This remarkable opportunity has not only benefitted me personally but has also allowed me to contribute to the betterment of my country and my family. It has elevated me from a state of dependency to that of a self-reliant human being. Thanks to this second chance, I can now pursue my own endeavors and fulfill the promise I made to the person who generously donated their corneal tissue. This transplant has truly given me a new lease on life, and I am fully committed to making the most of it.”

He further emphasized that restoring the vision of individuals in need is a compassionate undertaking that necessitates the voluntary participation of society.

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