Ethiopian Diaspora in Germany Writes letter of Objection to EU

Ethiopian Diaspora in Germany Writes letter of Objection to EU
Ethiopian Diaspora in Germany Writes letter of Objection to EU

Africa-PressEthiopia. Members of Ethiopian Diaspora in Germany wrote letter of objection to the European Union (EU) on draft resolution that is openly circulating in European parliament entitled the Humanitarian Situation in Tigray.

The diaspora community described the draft resolution about Ethiopia by the EU as entirely biased and full of factual errors.

They have expressed their disappointment on the many incorrect facts in the draft resolution and requested the EU for attention on the resolution including the title of the draft.

The title of the resolution has divisive nature; they said adding that the draft resolution is single out only one region in Ethiopia, Tigray while deliberately ignoring atrocities and destructions being committed in Afar and Amhara regions by TPLF, the letter indicated.

It also stated that the chapeau of the draft highly favors the TPLF clique and there are many facts have been overlooked.

According to the letter, the draft resolution misses the main point that the conflict was started by the TPLF clique attacking the Northern Command of Ethiopia National Defense Force on 4th of October 2020.

The letter added the number of the compatriots that are in need of humanitarian assistance misinterpreted.

It explained that the IDPs in Amhara region have reached half a million, while the resolution indicated less than half of that on contrary it inflates the figure of those in desperate need of in Tigray region 400,000 to close to a million.

The TPLF clique also destroyed livelihood and infrastructure in Amhara including school, religious places and health facilities, the letter elaborated.

The letter noted, that the draft did not mention the disappearance of over 400 UN trucks over the past three months in Tigray that were supposed to transport rounds of assistance for the needy.

While a desert locust a phenomenon in many parts of Ethiopia, the resolution single out the problem to be related only to the Tigray region, the letter said.

It also deliberately misses mentioning the attack on Eritrean refuges in Tigray camps by the TPLF forces after the 28th June 2021 ceasefire, it added.

The resolution misses an important development in the country, welcomed by millions of Ethiopians, which is related to the democratic election held 21th June and efforts being made to continue all inclusive national political dialogue this month in October.

The diaspora community requested the EU to reconsider and reserve in light of facts stated in the letter.


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