Ethiopian Diaspora Working to Avert Unjust Pressure on Ethiopia: Diaspora Agency

Ethiopian Diaspora Working to Avert Unjust Pressure on Ethiopia: Diaspora Agency
Ethiopian Diaspora Working to Avert Unjust Pressure on Ethiopia: Diaspora Agency

n style=”color: #ff6600;”>Africa-PressEthiopia. March 20/2021 /ENA/ Ethiopian Diaspora has been making efforts to avert the ongoing unreasonable pressure on the country by some nations and international organizations by clarifying the existing reality on the ground in Tigray, Ethiopian Diaspora Agency said.

Director General of the Agency, Selamawit Dawit told ENA that the Government of Ethiopia was forced to undertake the law enforcement operation in Tigray for the TPLF junta had tried to jeopardize the overall national security of the country by attacking the Ethiopian National Defense Force that was based in Tigray.

Following the conclusion of the operation, unreserved efforts have also been carried out by the government to provide humanitarian aid to victims of the operation and rebuild damaged infrastructures in the region, she added.

However, the TPLF cliques in the diaspora are trying to mislead the international community by disseminating false information against the reality on the ground, Selamawit said.

Some members of the international community are therefore attempting to make unjust pressure on Ethiopia by interfering in the internal affairs of the country based on these sham information, she pointed out.

Hence, the agency has been intensifying effort by setting a special plan along with the Ethiopian Diaspora with a view to create awareness among the international community on the current affairs of Ethiopia and uncover the disinformation being disseminated, the director added.

According to her, the diaspora has been contributing its part in making clear the exiting reality in Ethiopia to the international community in various available means including staging protest rallies.

The agency is now engaged in mobilizing the diaspora community including those working in several international organizations and think thanks as well as the media to counter the misinformation campaign by providing the necessary facts and explanations about the existing realities in Tigray.

Ethiopians living abroad have now been staging demonstrations urging the international community to make efforts to understand the reality in Tigray and stop meddling in the internal affairs of the country, she said.

Some influential members of the diaspora have also been explaining the reality to the international community using media interviews, by publishing articles on newspapers and magazines in various languages including French, English, and Arabic among others, it was learned.

The director said that encouraging positive feedbacks have been received from some concerned international organizations including the UN and EU as to the real existing situation in Ethiopia following the engagement of the diaspora.

The engagement of the diaspora will continue in a much more organized manner to protect the national interest of Ethiopia in the international arena, she said.

‘’We need to be always stand by to protect our national interest as we do not know what would happen tomorrow,” she said, urging all members of the diaspora to stand together to protect their country.


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